Ductless Solutions For Residences

Mini-split systems provide an excellent alternative for homeowners who have an interest in finding a more energy efficient solution for their heating and cooling needs. They serve as an excellent replacement for window units, electric baseboard heaters, and space heating. Ductless installations are quick, and they provide temperature control in specific rooms or zones.

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Improve Your Life With Fujitsu General Cooling And Heating

The mini-split systems that Fujitsu General manufactures are some of the most energy-efficient heating and cooling systems in the industry. They are so efficient that many of their system’s SEER ratings are more than double than the minimum government standard.

One outdoor compressor can to attach to 8 indoor units. Even better, you can set the temperature of each indoor unit to meet the individual heating or cooling needs of the room’s occupant. When a zone or room is not in use, you can turn it off so that you are not heating or cooling an unoccupied area.

These HVAC systems do not require ductwork. Therefore, with these systems, you will not have to deal with any energy losses that are common to central air heating and cooling systems.

window air conditioner

Are You Using A Window AC Unit?

Window air conditioners were once a standard method of cooling. Unfortunately, these units do not provide the comfort that is necessary to get through the hot weather. Also, they are loud, and they block any natural light from coming in. They are a pain to deal with every year. If you are using one of these units in your home, then it is better to install a more modern ductless heating and cooling system.

Fujitsu General can provide a high level of comfort for your home. These systems feature individual temperature control so that you can adjust the temperature in each room according to your needs. Since they are highly energy-efficient, you can reduce your utility bill as well.

Fujitsu General Case Studies

With nearly 1,400 communities in the United States, Habitat for Humanity is a global nonprofit organization that helps those in need. It provides housing while strengthening communities and giving families a sense of stability. Homeowners and volunteers build houses that have affordable mortgages. This video highlights a home that this organization constructed in Midland, WA. This home had a hybrid electric heater and a 12,000 BTU Fujitsu ductless mini-split installed in it.

This family in Phoenix, AZ was looking for an effective way to increase their home’s energy efficiency while improving their comfort levels. They chose to install a Fujitsu J-II system, allowing them to create separate zones inside of their home. They upgraded their old single-zone gas heating system and old air conditioner with a Fujitsu General mini-split ductless system. The installation took three days. The family is glad that they made this decision because they can reduce their heating and cooling costs while enhancing their comfort.

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