Ductless Solutions For Commercial Properties

Commercial areas are busy with workers and customers. They require a steady amount of airflow to meet everyone’s comfort levels.

Mini-split Fujitsu ductless HVAC systems are easy to install. Also, they provide a high level of comfort that every commercial property needs.

Achieve the environment that your business requires with a Fujitsu Mini-Split system. Call today to schedule a consultation.


Reliable Heating And Cooling

Fujitsu General manufactures AC systems and heat pumps that feature state of the art technology in the heating and cooling industry. Many businesses have demanding environments that need to maintain specific temperature levels and consistent air flow. Fujitsu General cooling and heating systems offer:

  • Individual Zoning
  • A High Level Of Energy Efficiency
  • Reliability
  • Whisper-Quiet Operation
  • All Year Comfort
  • Easy Installation

Ductless Heating And Cooling In A Restaurant Setting

A Case Study at the Cornish Pasty Co. Restaurant: The business owner was worried about keeping the noise levels of his 7200 sq ft restaurant to a minimum. One of the many appealing aspects of ductless HVAC systems is that they are extremely quiet. During the restaurant’s renovation, the contractors installed a Fujitsu ductless system. This video covers how a single outdoor compressor can run five indoor air handlers. The extremely flexible J2 series system comes in 3, 4 or 5-ton configurations.

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Ductless HVAC Systems For Churches

A Case Study at the St. James Church: This video highlights a case study that took place at the St. James Church in Raleigh, NC. Although the church had a system of ductwork, the ducts were unusable. There was standing water accumulating in them. For many reasons, ductless HVAC was appealing to the church committee. It offered the ideal solution to meet their heating and cooling needs! The HVAC technician in this video installs a Fujitsu’s Airstage VRF system.

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Case Study At Juniata College

Shuster Hall, the field station’s primary facility at Juniata College in Huntington, PA was looking for an air conditioning solution. They chose to install  Fujitsu mini-split systems.

Shuster Hall is LEED accredited. It uses green technology and solar design. It even has composting toilets. Because Fujitsu mini-split systems are so energy efficient, these ductless systems matched their needs.

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Wall-Mounted HVAC Systems

The configuration of some ductless system is wall mounted. They are out of sight, placed high on the wall. Also, they do not require any ductwork, making them even more energy efficient than central air systems. Fujitsu General works with varying budgets. They offer entry levels systems as well as built-in Wi-Fi systems. All of them have exceptionally high SEER ratings, state-of-the-art inverter technology, and a remote that is programmable.

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