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A Division of Skylands Energy Service

For over 45 years Hilltop Petroleum has specialized in affording oil heat customers with a “full service” oil delivery experience at substantially reduced prices by decoupling the delivery aspect of the customer relationship from the HVAC service requirement.

In 2014 prompted by health and retirement issues we joined with Skylands Energy Service a traditional full service company who embraces our “full service delivery – uncoupled service model” and offers THE HILLTOP PLAN as an option to all customers.

As you browse the topics featured in our web-site don’t be alarmed to find you’re on the Skylands Energy Service web-site. All of the information is relevant and available for you as a HILLTOP PLAN delivery customer!

Automatic or Will Call delivery, credit approved open billing, $0.20 prompt payment discount [at time of delivery or within 10 days], budget payment plans, oil tank environmental programs, oil price programs and impeccable customer service.

Enjoy your current HVAC service relationship….Why change? Need a reliable independent service company? We’ll refer a top notch independent service company in your area who will offer you priority consideration as a Hilltop Petroleum customer, or perform the work ourselves with Skylands Energy technicians at competitive rates.

Responsibility & Accountability – our drivers are polite and friendly more importantly they are professionals with DOT compliant background checks, motor vehicle reports, substance testing, licensing, physicals and training requirements. Our trucks properly maintained and insured. Protecting you, your property and your home.

You will find lower prices from companies less responsible or accountable who offer only bare bones self directed delivery; and higher prices from those who build the overhead of an in-house HVAC service unit into their price regardless of your intent to utilize it. YOU WON’T FIND A MORE FAIR PRICE FOR THE LEVEL AND ACCOUNTABILITY OF DELIVERY SERVICES PROVIDED.

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