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Preventing Sludge In Your Heating Oil Tank

The Problem With Buying Low-Quality Heating Oil

Many homeowners face increased heating bills during the cold winter months. It is inevitable. However, they may also incur other heating-related problems, such as the buildup of oil sludge in their fuel tank. A number of factors usually cause this. Nevertheless, there are many solutions and preventative measures that can help you to avoid it.

You should always buy fuel oil…

from a reputable fuel dealer. Also scheduling a tank replacement is also essential when necessary. Homeowners should also be aware of the risks of postponing regular heating oil deliveries. In this article, we will learn more about the importance of selecting a reputable fuel supplier and specific steps you can take to prevent sludge from forming in your tank.

What Is Sludge And How Does it Accumulate?

heating oil sludgeSludge is a combination of impurities in home heating oil. These particles are more concentrated in low-quality fuel oil and they build up in the bottom of the tank over time. The two main types of tank impurities are water and solid particles.

Water can find its way into your fuel tank in a number of different ways.

Condensation and rainwater are the two types of water that get into fuel tanks. Water can enter your fuel tank when the tank has splits or cracks in it or broken seals and vents. Water can also get into the tank because of an improperly closed filler cap.

In addition, as temperatures change, fuel tanks that are located outdoors, above-ground can develop a layer of condensation on their external surface. This condensation eventually leaks into the tank. Since water is heavier than the oil in the tank, the condensation settles on the bottom of the tank and begins to accumulate.

Bacteria can also cause problems when it accumulates inside the fuel tank. Bacteria can enter the tank through leaky vents or via impure fuels. The bacteria build-up creates a film on the oil’s surface. This film is what experts refer to as sludge.

While sludge can form from all heating oils…

and any tank can get sludge, using a high-quality oil can slow down this process. Many high-quality heating oil suppliers actually put an additive in their oil to prevent sludge from forming.

The Risks Of Tank Sludge

empty heating oil tankSludge is a problem because, as the tank empties, the sludge can enter the furnace or boiler supply line. When this happens, it causes it to clog. In some cases, the oil can pull into the filter, reducing the efficiency of your home’s heating system. It can even make your heater seize up, causing the system to break down.

Some homeowners do not realize that the problem is happening. Generally, they respond to the problem by cranking up the heat in their home since their unit is having a had time performing properly. Consequently, turning up the thermostat increases their home heating costs. Therefore, before putting off that next oil delivery, homeowners should consider the added expense and inconvenience of allowing sludge to enter the furnace and boiler supply line.

How To Prevent Sludge Formation:

Buy High-quality Heating Oil

One of the best preventative measures you can take to avoid sludge buildup…

is to purchase your home heating oil from a reputable heating oil companies near me. As with many products, sometimes you have to pay a little bit extra for better quality. Some companies that sell discount fuel actually don’t have their own storage facilities. This means they get the cheapest oils possible when refilling their tank trucks. Some dealers even combine cheaper oils with other impure oils such as cooking oils, cleaning solvents, and waste oil from car dealerships. In many cases, these cheaper, lower quality oils are full of impurities that will only contaminate your fuel tank. Always go with a high-quality heating oil.

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Heating Oil Delivery Bridgewater NJ

If you are a homeowner, following some basic preventative measures to properly care for your heating oil tank can help you avoid wasting time and money. When looking for the best home heating oil prices near me, make sure that you only buy your oil from a reputable dealer.

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