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Skylands Energy Service is a full service heating and air conditioning contractor. We service residential and commercial properties in Three Bridges, NJ. Take a look at the map and reviews below to see the high level of quality service we do for furnace, boiler and air conditioner repairs in Three Bridges.

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Heater and Air Conditioner Repairs

We handle all types of repairs on heating and air conditioning systems. Our technicians are trained to repair all makes and models of equipment. We’ll get your home comfortable quickly. Give us a call, it doesn’t matter if we originally installed your system or not.

Heating and Cooling Tune-Ups

Maintaining your heater and/or air conditioner is important for several reasons. First, it helps to keep the equipment running at its optimal efficiency levels. Second, regular maintenance will pro-long its lifespan. Give us a call to discuss your needs.

Heating and AC Installations

If you need a new HVAC system installed, we can help. We install the best and most reliable brands. We will visit with you in your home to assess your needs and then will provide you a free, written estimate. you’ll know exactly how much it will cost.

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Exactly where does the HVAC filter go?
When it comes to your Three Bridges heating and cooling system, you ought to know that your forced air system has an air filter that must be changed. Be sure that you know where and how you can do that.

Your air filter does a lot to favor the health of your HVAC system. Thus, make certain to swap it out when you observe that it is dirty.

Dirty air filters can majorly ruin your system. They also reduce efficiency levels, support indoor air pollution, and your home will not feel as comfortable.

When you find your return air duct or blower compartment, you should see your air filter.

This is the most suitable place for your air filter to be situated because it filters the air right before your air handler has to deal with it.

This indicates that there is clean air passing through your whole HVAC system which is then distributed all throughout your house.

I really need a new HVAC system. Which one should I get?
The response to this question actually depends on the main reason of why you are buying an updated unit. Are you replacing your unit or are you building an addition to your house? The brand name of a brand new unit should be something that you consider. There are ones that are incomparably remarkable than others. Heil, Energy Kinetics, Mitsubishi, Peerless, and Thermopride have genuinely shown to be manufacturers well worth pointing out. Many of the manufacturers specified above offer homeowners a unit that is very energy efficient while providing more ideal comfort levels. When shopping for a new HVAC unit, be sure that quality is among your top goals. This is an investment that ought to be reliable, durable, and incredibly energy efficient. Using these tips, you can locate an unit that certainly meets your requirements. Make sure to locate one that complements the situation that you need it to work for.

As mentioned earlier, each circumstance is unique. For example, for additions, a ductless system tends to work much better than putting in a brand new system. As discussed previously, you have to invest in a superior quality system. In addition, you will need to employ the services of a Three Bridges HVAC service provider that is just an outstanding as the manufacturer that you select. Even if you purchase the very best brand available in the market, when a heating system or air conditioner is installed improperly, then the brand really doesn’t matter. A badly installed heating and cooling system has efficiency issues and it will not keep your home comfortable. A reputable HVAC company in Three Bridges, like Skylands Energy Service, should be able to help you to look for the best heating and cooling system for your home. They should also have the ability to install it properly.

What is SEER and what does this convey for me?

SEER is an important rating for homeowners to take into consideration. It is the way of measuring of just how efficient your air conditioning system or heat pump is. The SEER rating is calculated by performing a little mathematics. It uses the cooling output of the unit over a standard cooling season. This is then divided by the volume of energy input over the exact length of time. You want a system that has a high SEER rating. It uses a lot less energy to keep your house adequately cool in the summer. You can figure out your system’s SEER rating by looking for the yellow sticker on your A/C unit. It is commonly called as the “energy guide”. If you can not identify the “energy guide” sticker, then you can also locate the SEER rating on the manufacturer’s sticker. This sticker has all kinds of related information on it involving the model number and the serial number. The model number begins with the SEER rating. An unit that begins with 13AC means that the unit has a 13 SEER rating.

My furnace is in need of repair. What should I look for to pay?
Not all heater repair work is the same for each and every situation. The average for many furnace repair work is around $268.00. It varies between $135.00 to $422.00. These numbers were computed from legitimate HVAC companies who disclosed their project prices. Even in our state of New Jersey, we see comparable costs. Nevertheless, every problem is unique and, subsequently, results in a wide range of repair costs. If you are concerned about your furnace, make sure to reach out to us so that we may respond to any inquiries that you may have. At Skylands Energy Service, every one of our estimates are free.

My air conditioner is operating funny and has to be repaired. What can I expect it to cost?
Since air conditioners malfunction due to different scenarios, the cost to fix them is different. Having said that, on average, they are priced at about $326.00 to fix. It commonly fluctuates from $165.00 up to $507.00. This information was uncovered from reliable HVAC service providers
who revealed project costs during the year. You will find similar prices in New Jersey but it depends on precisely why your air conditioner is malfunctioning. You may possibly have some options to select from. Make sure to call us to ensure that we can discuss your situation and find a solution that matches your requirements. All of our assessments are totally free and our technicians will not carry out any repairs unless you give them the green light!

Do I need to replace or fix my air conditioner compressor?
The primary step is to find a qualified Three Bridges HVAC specialist to actually see what is going on with your compressor. The main reason for this is due to the fact that it is pricey to replace your compressor. Hence, it is essential to find a reputable HVAC contractor to give you an examination that is accurate. Many HVAC companies are quick to presume that the compressor needs to be replaced although it might be another issue. If your compressor is currently under warranty, then it is definitely worth replacing it. Your warranty will take care of the costs of the new compressor. You will only have to pay for the cost of labor. If your warranty is no longer valid, then you will need to examine the cost of a new compressor against the cost of a new system. If your system is outdated, much more than 10 years old, then it might be worth replacing your entire unit. It is a good idea to talk about your options with a reputable HVAC company like Skylands Energy Service.

How do you know if an HVAC company is a good one or not?
Get a hold of some background information on the company. Find some testimonials, be sure to check online. Never just employ anyone. Hire a company that solely has certified HVAC technicians working for them. Make sure to look into their license and insurance. A contractor can truly understand what is happening with your system and provide an estimate only after he has thoroughly looked over your system. Do not choose a company that tries to give you an estimate over the phone. Confirm that the company that you have an interest in has a wonderful track record. You want a company that is known for their high quality service. Bad testimonials can be an excellent way to find out about a company. If they happen to be a company that is known for low quality work, then you will certainly see a habit of this online. A skilled heating and air conditioning system repair company will make the effort to clarify your circumstance, carefully answer any questions, and do so in a respectful, friendly, and proficient fashion.

Should I commit to an AC service contract?
Many Three Bridges house owners have been rather pleased with committing to a cooling system service contract. The professional services included in an air conditioning contract help your cooling system work at top performance. Repair costs for cooling systems can be very expensive. When you sign an air conditioner service contract, you won’t have to pay for any repairs for your air conditioner. You will be priority when your air conditioner breaks. By doing this, you won’t have to cope with a hot house for long. There are many contracts that feature emergency service. This grants you accessibility to an HVAC contractor at any time of the day. A service contract guarantees that your equipment works adequately and effectively.

Every company has their own service contracts. The services that they involve may be different from one company to the next. Just like any arrangement that you would authorize, it is significant that you read through the company’s contract to see what it offers. As an example, many service contracts include the cleaning and maintenance of your evaporative coils. Some service contracts do not include things like this. Be sure to read the fine print and ask questions.

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