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Skylands Energy Service is a full service heating and air conditioning contractor. We service residential and commercial properties in Madison, NJ. Take a look at the map and reviews below to see the high level of quality service we do for furnace, boiler and air conditioner repairs in Madison.

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Heater and Air Conditioner Repairs

We handle all types of repairs on heating and air conditioning systems. Our technicians are trained to repair all makes and models of equipment. We’ll get your home comfortable quickly. Give us a call, it doesn’t matter if we originally installed your system or not.

Heating and Cooling Tune-Ups

Maintaining your heater and/or air conditioner is important for several reasons. First, it helps to keep the equipment running at its optimal efficiency levels. Second, regular maintenance will pro-long its lifespan. Give us a call to discuss your needs.

Heating and AC Installations

If you need a new HVAC system installed, we can help. We install the best and most reliable brands. We will visit with you in your home to assess your needs and then will provide you a free, written estimate. you’ll know exactly how much it will cost.

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Exactly where does the HVAC air filter go?
Replacing the air filters is just one of the most critical tasks that Madison property owners can do for their HVAC system. As a result, it is essential to understand where to do that.

All individuals must check their filters to ensure they are not dirty and clogging up their system.

Not only is your equipment more energy-efficient when you change out your air filter, but it also produces healthier air. Your home feels far more comfortable than it would with a dirty filter.

Make sure that you find your return air duct or blower compartment. This is usually where you can find your air filter.

It is strategically placed there to purify the air before it makes it to the air handler.

This permits clean air on your property and helps prevent dust and other particles from collecting inside your duct system.

What is SEER and what does it signify for me?

The SEER rating measures the extent of cooling efficiency that is put out by your air conditioning unit or heat pump. It is measured by getting the cooling output, or the capacity output, over a regular cooling season. Then the measure of energy input is required. The cooling output is divided by the energy input to figure out SEER. In a nutshell, the higher the SEER rating, the less energy that this unit uses to keep your residence cool. If you need to locate the SEER rating on a unit, try to find the yellow sticker that is called “energy guide”. It can easily also be found at the top of the manufacturer’s label, where the model number and also the serial number are on the equipment. The SEER rating is not only located on the “energy guide” sticker. It is also found on the manufacturer’s sticker. Look for the model number. If it starts off with 13AC, for instance, then it means that this heat pump or air conditioner has a SEER rating of 13.

Should I replace my thermostat when it doesn’t seem to work correctly?
You will perceive when it is is time to replace your thermostat. The temperature levels in your house will not feel balanced. You will feel hot and cold. Temperature swings are commonly the first indicator that your thermostat is going out. This is an excellent time to replace your thermostat. Another warning sign that tells you when you have gotten to the time to replace your thermostat is when it is considered old or outdated. In the past, thermostats used mercury to gauge the temperature in your home. This method has been replaced. Newer thermostats are digital and do not use mercury. They are far more accurate at reading temperature and they can keep your home more comfortable than their previous versions did. Programmable thermostats have been proven, not only to increase comfort levels, but to reduce home cooling and heating costs.

Why do I have to get my heater and air conditioner system maintained?
Although homeowners have learned that they need to maintain their heating and cooling system, they may not be aware of why. Buying a new car is equivalent to maintaining your heating and air conditioning system. When you buy a car, you comprehend that it needs maintenance every “x” total amount of miles, like oil changes. Would you buy a new car and not give it oil changes? No, probably not. A heating and cooling system needs maintenance just like a new car does.

No matter how modern or old your system is, it should be maintained. Your HVAC unit will work more energy efficiently. A system that is adequately maintained will not need to work as hard to keep your residence at the specified temperature. Another need to maintain your equipment is that your air quality will be improved. This is because dust and allergens don’t build up as easily since you have a clean air filter and coils. The levels of indoor air pollution are greater in houses that do not care for their system. It causes respiratory troubles, asthma, and a lot more.

Early replacement of your heating and air conditioning system will be prevented when it is maintained for the reason that your system will last as long as it is intended to. It minimizes avoidable breakdowns as well as repairs. Basically, when you care for your system, it costs you less to run it and repair it.

My furnace is in need of repair work. What should I count on to pay?
Not all heating system repair is the exact same for each and every situation. The norm for furnace repair work is $268.00. A furnace repair can go as low as $135.00, all the way up to $422.00. The price ranges came from the project costs of trustworthy heating and air conditioning companies. New Jersey has comparable costs. That being said, it is useful to bear in mind that all heater repair situations are dissimilar and vary. If you are concerned about your heater, be sure to contact us so we may respond to any concerns that you may have. Make the most of our free quotes from a exceptionally qualified HVAC service technician by giving us a call today.

I need an excellent boiler repair service company. What should I look for?
Not all boiler maintenance and repair companies are made equally. You need the one that is the best. A boiler is just one of the most complicated HVAC systems to repair. Thus, it really isn’t very easy to repair. You want someone with the necessary level of practical experience coupled with a really good reputation to back up all those years of experience. When you speak with a boiler repair company, they will answer all of your concerns to ensure that you can better understand what is going on with your boiler. A reputable contractor will come to your Madison home to provide a quote.You need someone with the proper amount of experience along with a very good track record to back all those years of practical experience. Be sure to ask them a lot of questions. A company that is worth your time will make sure that they explain your questions with patience and in a polite manner. Furthermore, a Madison HVAC service provider that is truly worth contemplating will give you a personal assessment.

Some HVAC companies try to perform estimates over the phone. These companies are not the ones that you need to work with. You want to get a company that takes the time to truly examine your system. These service providers will be capable to give you a more precise estimate. Since your home uses a boiler for its heating system, make sure that they are capable of doing necessary repair work on a boiler. You want to get a service provider that delivers the absolute best solutions. A Madison company in the boiler repair industry should provide strategies that will help make your house even more energy efficient. Finally, verify that the service provider that you pick out has the necessary certifications and licensing.

My air compressor is malfunctioning. Do I have to repair or replace it?
When you will need to have a diagnosis for your air conditioner’s compressor, make certain that you reach out to a highly qualified Madison HVAC contractor. Compressors aren’t inexpensive. A reputable and trustworthy HVAC service provider will give you an accurate diagnosis of what is incorrect with your air conditioning system’s compressor. There are many professionals who will quickly assume that your compressor has to be replaced when, in fact, there is a separate issue going on that can be easily repaired. If, in fact, it is your compressor, then it is worth replacing if it is still under manufacturer’s warranty. A warranty will cover a brand-new compressor. You will need to take care of the cost of labor. If you find out that your warranty is expired and does not cover the cost of replacing your compressor, then you will need to make a decision of whether it is worth replacing it. In some cases it is definitely worth buying a new unit altogether. An old system is worth replacing. Anything more than 10 years old is consider old. Your best bet is to talk it over with a reliable heating and cooling repair company like Skylands Energy.

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