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Skylands Energy Service is a full service heating and air conditioning contractor. We service residential and commercial properties in Chester, NJ. Take a look at the map and reviews below to see the high level of quality service we do for furnace, boiler and air conditioner repairs in Chester.

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Heater and Air Conditioner Repairs

We handle all types of repairs on heating and air conditioning systems. Our technicians are trained to repair all makes and models of equipment. We’ll get your home comfortable quickly. Give us a call, it doesn’t matter if we originally installed your system or not.

Heating and Cooling Tune-Ups

Maintaining your heater and/or air conditioner is important for several reasons. First, it helps to keep the equipment running at its optimal efficiency levels. Second, regular maintenance will pro-long its lifespan. Give us a call to discuss your needs.

Heating and AC Installations

If you need a new HVAC system installed, we can help. We install the best and most reliable brands. We will visit with you in your home to assess your needs and then will provide you a free, written estimate. you’ll know exactly how much it will cost.

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Larry R.

Larry R.

No heat Burnham boiler Beckett burner

Near Parker Rd, Chester, NJ 07930
Larry R.

Larry R.

Not enough hot water

Near Old Mill Rd, Chester, NJ 07930
Larry R.

Larry R.

No hot water Weil Mclain boiler

Near Old Mill Rd, Chester, NJ 07930
Larry R.

Larry R.

Routine maintenance Peerless boiler

Near Wheeler Rd, Chester, NJ 07930
Joe R.

Joe R.

Water leak at boiler

Near Cherry St, Chester, NJ 07930
Larry R.

Larry R.

Routine maintenance comfort maker furnace

Near 4 Bridges Rd, Chester, NJ 07930
Joe R.

Joe R.

A/C checkup on four units.

Near Hacklebarney Rd, Chester, NJ 07930

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Where can I find my HVAC air filter?
When it comes to your Chester heating and air conditioning system, you need to know that your forced air system has an air filter that needs to be replaced. Make sure that you know where and the best ways to do that.

Don’t forget to look at your air filter routinely and change it out when it is needed.

This will encourage energy efficiency, improved air quality, and a home that is even more comfortable.

Make sure that you find your return air duct or blower compartment. This is usually where you can spot your air filter.

Its specific location ensures that your air handler will only get purified, clean air.

A clean filter really helps stop dust buildup in your system and consequently, helps prevents dust and other contaminants from being distributed into your house.

What does SEER indicate?

THE SEER rating is essential for the reason that it is the measurement of cooling efficiency that a heat pump or air conditioning unit has. The number is determined by taking the cooling output, or its capacity, over the period of a typical cooling season. This amount is then divided by the volume of energy used over the same amount of time. You want a system that has a very high SEER rating. It makes use of a lot less energy to keep your house perfectly cool in the summer season. The SEER rating is also located on the yellow label which is located on your A/C unit. The sticker is usually called as “energy guide”. The SEER rating is not only on the “energy guide” sticker. It is additionally on the manufacturer’s sticker. This sticker displays the model number and the serial number of the machine that you are examining. The SEER rating is put into the model number. As an example, if the model number begins with 13AC, then you have determined that this particular model has a SEER rating of 13.

I know it is important to maintain my HVAC system. Why?
As much as you may know that maintenance to your HVAC equipment is critical to its operation, it is also important to recognize why it is so crucial. Maintaining your HVAC system functions like buying a new car. All car owners know that they need to schedule oil changes as frequently as needed. Would you invest in a new car and never schedule an oil change? Since you know that it is very important, you would probably make certain that you scheduled them. The same goes for your heating and cooling system.

All HVAC systems require maintenance despite how old they are. Your equipment will certainly perform much better and have amplified energy efficiency. When your unit is maintained the way that it will need to be, then it works with even less energy to keep your home comfortable. Moreover, a properly maintained system also improves the air quality in your house. This is because dust and allergens don’t build up as effortlessly since you have a clean air filter and coils. The buildup of dust as well as allergens gives rise to breathing issues and increased levels of indoor air pollution.

You can also benefit from maintaining your system because it will last as long, or even more, as it is expected to. Since your system will be operating in tip top condition, you will have to deal with less repairs and the expenses related to it. Individuals ought to understand that when they correctly take care of their HVAC system. They will shell out less money to keep their home comfortable. It also will cut down on the costs of needing to fix it.

My air conditioner is broken. What will it cost to take care of it?
Generally, most air conditioning repair jobs cost roughly $326.00, on average. It generally varies between from $165.00 up to $507.00. As touched on earlier, expenses for air conditioner repair vary. The numbers presented here were collected from legitimate HVAC companies throughout the year. These standard prices are not uncommon in the state of New Jersey. However, it certainly depends on what is wrong with your cooling system. Be sure to call us so that we can discuss what your options are and find the strategy that works best for you. Our free estimates allow property owners to get another way to obtain more insight on their HVAC difficulties. Our contractors also ensure that you have provided the green light before moving forward with any repairs.

What warning signs inform me that I need to repair or replace my air conditioner compressor?
Be sure that you get a hold of a reputable Chester AC repair service company to pinpoint your issue. The compressor in an air conditioner is certainly not inexpensive. A reputable and trustworthy HVAC service provider will give you an accurate diagnosis of what is incorrect with your cooling system’s compressor. Sometimes a compressor may seem like it has to be replaced and HVAC service companies are quick to tell a property owner this. However, there are many cases where it may seem like the compressor is acting up when, in truth, there is something else going on. If, in fact, it is your compressor, then it is worth replacing if it is still under manufacturer’s warranty. The cost of labor will fall on you but that is significantly much cheaper than needing to pay for the expense of a new compressor too. If your warranty is no longer valid, then you have to evaluate the cost of a new compressor versus the cost of a new system. A 10 year old unit is considered old. Units that are this old or even more should really be replaced instead of repaired. Your best bet is to talk it over with a professional HVAC company like Skylands Energy.

What do I have to understand just to find the best heating and air conditioner repair service company?
Search for some background information on the company. Find some customer reviews, check online. Ensure that you only hire a company that has certified HVAC professionals. Validate their license and insurance. Be sure that they handle their estimates at your home after looking at your system. If a company tries to deliver an estimate over the phone, then they are not the company that you are searching for. Online reviews say a lot about a company. Make sure that the one that you consider hiring has the track record that obviously displays a trend of quality work. Companies that tend to cut corners or do poor quality work tend to have a lot of negative reviews written about them. If you see a trend of bad work, then move on to the next HVAC company until you find the one that matches your needs. When you have inquiries about your heating and cooling system, a qualified company will resolve them in detail and make sure that they explain each and every answer to you so that you can be aware of exactly what is going on.

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