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How To Increase Energy Efficiency While Reducing Energy Costs For Winter

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Home heating costs can sometimes be a challenge to budget for any homeowners. However, this largely depends on the season. No one likes to spend their hard-earned cash on energy bills but it is even worse if you are spending a fortune and still feel cold indoors.  Although controlling the weather is an impossibility, there are things that homeowners can do to reduce those energy costs. Basically, they need to implement some winter energy saving tips.

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Winter Energy Saving Tips For Homeowners

In the rest of the article, we cover a few ideas of how you could save money by using your energy more efficiently.

Heating System Tune-Up

Have a professional HVAC company, like Skylands Energy Service, inspect your heating system. It can save you hundreds on your bills. It will also run at an optimum level. They assess areas such as:

  • The flue system
  • Control box
  • Electrical wiring
  • Drain lines
  • Heat exchanger
  • Vent system
  • Electrical wiring

Having these heater parts serviced or replaced will also reduce your home’s heating cost while increasing your comfort levels. It’s a small investment with a great return.

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Home Insulation

Energy efficiency was not at the forefront of builders’ minds when constructing most older homes. However, with this in mind, a few more layers of insulation could help an older home. Insulating the attic is an absolute must. There are an array of materials to choose from when it comes to insulation.  Foam, slag wool, cellulose, and fiberglass are some of the methods used.

When choosing which method you are going to use to insulate your home, make sure that the company that you are going to use is part of the ICAA. Pick a company that uses insulation with higher R-values. Make sure that the insulation materials that they use are in-line with the ASTM’s standards (American Society of Testing and Materials). This will help you get the highest possible quality materials. Having your home insulated by an accredited company with materials of high quality could reduce your energy cost by at least 50 percent.

Weather Stripping

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Thoroughly check and add some weather stripping to the windows, doors, crevices, and other openings. Check all areas where air could seep into the home and make your heating system work harder. Have a professional evaluate your home with their professional tools such as infrared cameras and blowers. They are capable of easily finding potential air leaks in the home that would make your heating system useless if these issues are not addressed.

There are many avenues that can be explored when it comes to addressing air leaks. You could use house wrap, drywall, caulk, tape, foam sealants, felt, and reinforced vinyl to deal with the cracks or leaks found. Weatherstripping should be applied before the winter season begins as this method can only be used on dry surfaces.

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Programmable Thermostat

Woman programming indoor temperature with a digital thermostat

Programmable thermostats are a must when you want to reduce your home heating costs.  This instrument will allow you to set the temperature to your desired needs. You could save up to 10 percent on your bill by simply lowering your thermostat by 7- 10 degrees inside the house whilst on holiday or while you are away at work.

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LED Lamps

LED lights, in comparison to fluorescent bulbs, are much more energy-efficient. The Department of Energy conducted a study to compare the efficiency of LED lights in comparison to incandescent bulbs. They found out that LED lights not only last longer but are also 75 percent more energy-efficient than their counterparts. LED lights are the obvious choice when you intend on reducing your energy consumption. Also, if you have a LED light connected to the Internet of Things, you can use your smartphone to control it.

Doors And Windows

When replacing windows and doors in one’s home, look for Energy Star stamped products. They are known to be more energy efficient. These products are designed to minimize the loss of heat in a home. Studies by the US Environmental Protection Agency claim that you could save an added 12 percent annually on your total energy bill.

Water Heating System

Having water heaters replaced that are 10 years or older helps reduce energy use. Newer models are more energy efficient. Some new designs only heat the water that is being used and not all the water stored in the tank. They are also referred to as tankless water heaters. Be sure to consult a licensed plumber.

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By following the above steps, you will notice a major difference in your home heating expenses. Furthermore, you will reduce your carbon footprint by making your home more energy-efficient. The condition of your heater plays a significant role in your energy bills. A poorly maintained system uses more energy to do its job. A well-maintained system uses less energy and does a better job at keeping your home warm and comfortable. Due to this, be sure to schedule an annual heating system tune-up. Make sure that you contact a reputable HVAC company to service your heater.

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