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How To Get Heating Energy Efficiency & Save Dollars This Winter

heating system tune-up in Bridgewater NJ homeWhat is your goal for saving on your annual energy bill? Do you want to pay a certain percentage less on a particular bill or do you just want to knock off a certain amount overall per year? Say for instance this past summer, how much money do you think you’d have liked to pay less than what you did? With that amount in mind, what things do you think you could have done in terms of utilizing your air conditioner better you keep some extra dollars in your pocket? While you might not be able to get those dollars back, you still have time to plan for the colder months ahead.

When planning for fall and winter…

you certainly want to make your heating system perform as efficiently as possible. In this article, we will show you how to use less energy, save more money, and do your part to save the planet by reducing your carbon footprint, all at the same time! With winter fast approaching, Skylands Energy is here to offer heater tune-ups to Bridgewater NJ and surrounding area residents. This service caters to those who are interested in using their heating systems efficiently and in a way that saves them money. Also, this helps those who want to pay less, but it also helps those who want to achieve an enhanced level of comfort. This service ensures the best performance from your heater during this time of the year.

Below, you will find the top tips for getting a better working heater system to help you achieve greater energy efficiency in your home this fall and winter.


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Seal The Big And Small Gaps In Your Home

In order to gain energy efficiency at home, there’s a need to stop energy loss. In other words, you must keep heated air indoors. Invest time in discovering holes or gaps (such as those around window frames and doors). Seal off these gaps so they do not allow heated air to exit. This small DIY job will cost at most $20. But here’s the good part – this simple DIY task can save you as much as 20% on your energy fall/winter energy bill. The best time to do this in the fall when temperatures are starting to drop.


Repack Or Reinforce The Insulation

The walls of your home are conductors for heat and cold. They allow each to pass in and out.

If your insulation has lost its original thickness…

this leaves room for heat to flow out. You lose significant heat to the outside as it passes through the exterior walls.

In order to lose less energy in this way, you can reinforce the insulation where it is needed. Add some to the main exterior walls as well as places such as the basement, attic and crawlspace. Think of using the services of a HVAC professional to get this done properly.

Give Your Heater A Tune-up

gas furnace checkupYou’ll be depending on your heater heavily to keep you toasty warm during the cold season. This makes it critical to verify that it is in optimal working condition. A tune-up for your heater should be done around this time. As a matter of fact, property owners are expected to do furnace maintenance annually in order to ensure a well functioning heater for the general safety of building occupants.

During heater maintenance, a licensed technician will carefully clean burners and internal components. He will adjust them to the correct settings to ensure the combustion efficiency of the heating oil or other heating fuel. The heater’s air filters are also replaced to accommodate a smooth flow or air. The fan belt tension is checked and repaired as needed. All this can be accomplished by a competent HVAC company so that your gas or heating oil systems are operating at maximum levels this winter.

Some homeowners are concerned about the furnace tune-up cost. In actuality, doing a regular heater tune-up service will pay off in efficiency and comfort dividends in the long run. Homeowners also prevent from spending way more in repairs or replacement of the entire unit.

They need not worry, because a furnace tune-up checklist is very thorough and involves a range of tasks including those mentioned above. Ideally, it is a good idea to schedule a tune-up service for your heater every fall.

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Turn The Thermostat Down

lowering thermostat for energy efficiencyDuring fall and winter, some days are less cold than others. Also, there might be less people (or no people) in the house at one time. During times like these, you don’t have to keep the thermostat at the optimal level. For example, you can adjust the thermostat to approximately 10 degrees below the normal temperature setting when leaving the house. Then, reset the thermostat to the optimal temperature when you return. This can also be done when going to bed, as your blankets and bedding will add to your body’s warmth. A more efficient way to achieve these thermostat changes is to install a programmable thermostat. You can make your home more energy efficient and save a lot of money on energy costs over time with these temperature adjustments.

Add Back Moisture To The Air

humidifierA great habit to develop to conserve your heat energy in the cold season is to add some moisture to the rooms of your home. This season is known for air moisture loss. This means that you will be inhaling more dry air. Doing this is quite uncomfortable as your nostrils and lungs try to deal with moisture-less air. In terms of energy efficiency, dry air is a poor heat conductor, and is a threat to optimal air quality.

One easy and inexpensive way to treat dry air and lessen the strain on your heating system is to install a humidifier. This will improve the air quality circulating in the room by adding back the needed moisture.

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as energy efficiently as possible. Also, scheduling a service like this ensures that you will feel much more comfortable. Pay less this winter while staying warm and cozy in your home. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

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