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Reduce Your Energy Costs With The Use Of Trees

air conditioning unit annual tune-up Union NJIt is always a good idea to conserve energy because it is good for the earth and good for any homeowner’s pocketbook. When the summer sun shines down on a house, the HVAC system must work harder to keep occupants comfortable. The blazing sun seems want to burn its way right through the windows and walls. In circumstances like this, the air conditioning system is forced to work harder to maintain the desired indoor temperature. The afternoon sun is particularly brutal. Some steps can be taken to conserve energy, like planting trees. The shade a tree provides cuts energy costs and adds beauty to landscaping.

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Where To Plant Trees

When deciding where to plant trees, you need to consider the direction of where the shade in your yard is For optimum advantage from shade, planting on the southwest and west side is a good idea. This area gets the greatest amount of direct afternoon sun. Early morning sunlight is not as intense and that makes this side less critically in need of shade.

In southern regions of the United States, where it is warm throughout the year, the best choice for sun protection is trees that retain their leaves all year. However, in northern climates, the sun can be beneficial in the winter by introducing natural heat into the home through its windows. Therefore, deciduous trees are the best choice. Nevertheless, by strategically placing evergreen trees, it is possible to shield the structure from bitter winds during the winter. This too can save on energy costs.

Trees Also Benefit Outdoor Air Conditioning Units

Shade can also benefit the air conditioning system’s intake area by keeping that area cooler. One or two trees strategically positioned to provide shade here will shield this unit. It keeps the temperature of the surrounding air lower and that allows the unit to work more efficiently. As moisture evaporates from the leaves, this too naturally helps keep the area cooler. All of this adds up to lower energy bills. Just remember to never plant low-hanging evergreens or shrubs near the HVAC unit itself. This can interfere with appropriate air flow.

Trees casting the most shade offer greater efficiency in shielding home’s from the sun’s heat. As one might expect, full-grown trees are much more efficient than younger, smaller ones. Nevertheless, small trees do grow into larger ones when given enough time. Also, the energy savings grow with them.

The ideal situation is to plant trees that will reach twenty-five feet in height at maturity. These trees need to be planted ten or twenty feet from the west side of the home. This is where you get maximum energy-saving benefits from the shade that will extend over the structure. Trees planted on the southwest side of the home, however, cannot be expected to cast their shade over the home unless branches are allowed to grow over the roof.

It is good to remember that paved areas collect and hold heat longer than the earth around them. This heat affects the air conditioning system and the house. For that reason, planting trees to shade the pavement near the house and HVAC unit is also beneficial. Air conditioning costs will be lower especially when shade is provided for dark pavement like asphalt.

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Choosing Your Tree Type

It is vital that you research the types of trees according to their height at maturity. Avoid selecting those that will become too large. It is also important to plant trees at the proper distance from structures, power lines and paved areas to prevent their branches and roots from causing damage. As trees grow, they should be carefully pruned to maintain them at the appropriate size.


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While you are decreasing energy costs through the wise use of shade trees, you will also be adding value to your home. Another great idea for creating a more energy efficient home is scheduling annual air conditioning tune-up. This helps reduce energy costs that can skyrocket during the hot weather. It also makes your system last longer which prevents a costly premature replacement. Be sure to find a reputable HVAC company to handle all of your heating and cooling services.

Skylands Energy Service provides trusted heating and cooling services and has been doing so for many decades. We install, maintain, and repair all makes and models of heaters and air conditioners. Additionally, we offer heating oil delivery and plumbing services. The spring season is a great time of year to have your air conditioner tuned up. This will help reduce your home cooling expenses and it gives your unit the ability to make your home feel more comfortable. Be sure to give us a call today.

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