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Do Air Conditioners Need Professional Service?

Your cooling system has many complex parts, as a vehicle does. It needs maintenance regularly in order to ensure that it works properly. Many utility companies, A/C technicians, and government departments encourage homeowners to schedule regular AC maintenance and tune-ups.

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Why Your Air Conditioner Needs Servicing

image of AC tune-up that takes place inTewksbury Township NJDirt and dust can build up in your AC system over time, causing the condenser coils to become dusty. This can cause the system to run less efficiently and develop various problems, such as producing unpleasant odors. Even when the air conditioner is turned off during the winter months, serious mechanical and electrical issues still occur.

Neglecting the maintenance of your air conditioner can cause safety problems as well. A/C equipment that is allowed to degrade can create sparks and trigger a fire in your home. In addition, dirt from the A/C system can spread contaminants throughout the house such as mold spores and allergens. It can also cause serious electrical problems in other parts of the building.

Frequency Of Scheduling An AC Tune-Up

Most A/C technicians advise homeowners to schedule AC tune-ups at least once a year, and that this is scheduled during the spring months. Spring maintenance allows the technician to fix any problems that occurred during the winter months and to ensure that the system is clean and ready for use for the summertime. However, if you have not scheduled a tune-up yet, you can still enjoy the benefits. Summer is not too late to schedule one. A professional tune-up should include a complete inspection and a thorough cleaning of the unit.

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The Tune-up Process

When servicing the air conditioning unit, the HVAC technician will clean the condenser coils and vents to examine them for any rust or dirt. They will also inspect the other components, including the motor, drain, and other connections to ensure that the unit is working properly. The technician will also perform any necessary repairs to the system.

Benefits Of A Tune-up

Having a yearly tune-up performed on your AC is a good investment because it can lower your electric bills. In fact, homeowners who service their AC every year spend on average one-sixth less money on their energy bills. It also helps your air conditioner to last longer so that it can cool your home for many years to come.

Even minor AC system problems can end up costing a homeowner hundreds of dollars for repairs. During an annual tune-up, these repairs are easily fixed. A skilled technician can identify mechanical problems before they become too serious. For example, clearing a clogged drain during a routine inspection is not expensive to fix. However, the problem could cause major damage if left unaddressed.

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AC Tune-up Tewksbury Township NJ

In conclusion, don’t neglect to have your air conditioning system serviced every year. A tune-up is a worth-while investment because it will help you to extend the life of your AC unit and lower your electricity costs. It also helps to prevent equipment failure in the hot summer months when you need the system the most and technicians become busy. In addition, ensure that you hire an HVAC contractor who is properly licensed.

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