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Achieve A High Level Of Energy Efficiency This Summer

cooling system tune-upThe warm, summer months are just around the corner. Even though this is an incredibly popular season, it can also be quite expensive as well. Depending upon the nature of your home, the local weather, and your overall lifestyle, the costs of running your air conditioner can break the bank. One way to make sure that your home energy bills do not become outrageous is by having Skylands Energy perform an AC tune-up.

Our AC technicians are all NATE-certified, and thus, they have what it takes to ensure that your home air conditioning system is working at optimum levels. Moreover, our comprehensive tune-up services can additionally lower your cooling costs given that our technicians use a detailed checklist when performing your AC tuneup.

You should also note that when we service your AC system, we’ll be sure to look out for any developing issues. This way, these problems can be repaired early on. Therefore, you won’t be at risk of having a malfunctioning AC system right when you need this equipment the most. Make sure to set up your appointment now.

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Summer Energy Savings Strategies That Work

Many homeowners complain when opening their energy bills during the summer, especially when they’re heavily reliant upon their AC systems for ensuring home comfort. There are even people who choose to live in less than comfortable conditions to avoid spending fortunes on their home cooling costs. It’s possible, however, to keep your living environment comfortable and cool, even during the hottest portion of the summer. There are many easy ways to accomplish this. From using lighting solutions that are energy-efficient to installing a mini-split air conditioner, the following are a few, helpful tips for saving energy and money this summer.

Minimizing Unwanted Heat

energy efficient tips for summerHaving a lot of unwanted heat in your home will force your air conditioner to work a lot harder and longer. When this happens, it increases your home cooling costs. Due to this fact, you should minimize unwanted heat in your home as much as you possibly can this summer.

One way to accomplish this is by limiting the difference between outdoor and indoor temperatures. You need to set your thermostat a bit higher than average. The US Dept. of Energy suggests setting your thermostat about five to eight degrees higher than normal whenever you intend to leave your home unoccupied for eight hours or more.

Also, you might want to buy a programmable/smart thermostat to avoid having to set your thermostat manually. With this unit, you can easily enjoy all of the benefits of limiting unwanted heat within the home all summer long. According to the DOE, it is possible to reduce your yearly cooling costs by up to $180 with a programmable thermostat. Call today to schedule an appointment to get a programmable or smart thermostat installed in your home.

You can also close the blinds or curtains during the day to keep the sun out. The sun heats up your home. Likewise, you can use a grill or microwave to cook your food instead of an oven. Using an oven heats up the house, resulting in your AC working harder to compensate. Be sure to wear light, loose-fitted clothing.

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Check Your AC Filter

HVAC air filterAccording to experts in the HVAC industry, clogged and dirty filters are the top source of AC system issues. A dirty filter will allow particulates to get into the evaporator coil within your cooling system. Thereby, this diminishes its ability to absorb heat.

When this occurs, your AC system will become a lot less efficient. A dirty AC with dirty filters increases your home cooling costs. The DOE states that dirty, clogged filters can result in a 15 percent increase in energy spending.

To sidestep this problem, make sure to inspect your cooling system filter once each month. Replace this component whenever it becomes dirty. You should, at the very least, change your AC filter at least once every two months.

For those with furry pets, you may need to inspect your filters and replace them more frequently. It’s vital to note that filters are sometimes placed deep within the duct system. Thus, they might not be easy to reach. No matter where the location of your air filters, it’s vital that you change these out regularly. Doing so helps maintain proper airflow.

Have Zoned Air Conditioning Installed

If cooling your entire home isn’t necessary, think about having a ductless, mini-split air conditioner installed. This type of system will allow you to only cool specific rooms and areas at one time. When using zoned cooling, it will reduce your home cooling costs. Mini-split systems are easy to install, efficient, and reasonably affordable as well. Seasoned HVAC technicians are often able to put these systems in within just a matter of hours.

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Use Light Bulbs That Are Energy-Efficient

energy efficient light bulbsWhen compared to traditional, incandescent light bulbs, CFL, LED and other modern lighting solutions use a lot less electricity. They also produce far less heat and last a whole lot longer. As such, you should think about replacing your incandescent light bulbs with efficient, modern lighting solutions. Doing so will help you reduce your home energy costs.

Use Your Ceiling Fans

Even though ceilings fans aren’t designed to cool rooms, they do produce a comfortable, wind-chill effect. An area that has uses one is approximately six to seven degrees cooler. Thus, by using your ceiling fans, you’ll be able to raise the setting on your thermostat by several degrees. This excellent strategy saves money on your energy bills while helping keep your environment comfortable and cool.

Schedule Professional AC Maintenance

One of the essential parts of reducing your home energy bills is having an air conditioner that’s energy-efficient. As with all equipment, AC systems require proper maintenance to function they way they should. Both HVAC experts and manufacturers advise homeowners to schedule yearly AC tune-ups. The spring, just before the summer hits, is the best to time get this done. Planning these services in the spring gives you the ability to take advantage of the AC tune-up specials that many home heating and cooling companies offer at this time.

With a tune-up, you can make sure that all of the components in your system are in good working order. Your HVAC technician will additionally lubricate and clean your unit. They will even inspect the system for any developing problems. Doing these things gives them the chance to take care of small issues. This way, they won’t have the opportunity to escalate into major and expensive repairs. By having your system professionally tuned up, you can make sure that this equipment is working at peak efficiency. It will use a modest amount of energy leading to reasonable home cooling costs.

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Take advantage of these energy-saving tips for the summer to keep your home cooling costs at a minimum. When you do, your home will feel significantly more comfortable as well.

When searching the internet for a “home AC tune-up near me”, call Skylands Energy. We specialize in HVAC services including maintenance services for your air conditioning system.

Our trained and experienced technicians will get your air conditioner working correctly so that you can count on it all summer long. Call today to schedule an appointment.

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