Weil-McLain WGO Oil Boiler Installation In Marlboro NJ

Weil-McLain WGO-3 Fuel Oil Boiler

Every heating system reaches the end of its lifespan at some point or another. This was the case at the Elinore Berman Estate, where the homeowner found their boiler leaking all over the floor. They called Skylands Energy right away.

When Ted Francisco, one of our most knowledgeable and experienced HVAC technicians arrived at their home, he inspected their unit. He determined that it was unrepairable due to the nature of its malfunction. He recommended a Weil-McLain WGO oil boiler for their Marlboro NJ home.

Problem: The Elinore Berman Estate had a leaking boiler that did not perform well.
Solution: Skylands Energy installed a Weil-McLain WGO-3 oil boiler with a hot water coil at their Marlboro NJ home.


Weil-McLain WGO-3 Oil Boiler

There are many oil boiler manufacturers on the market today. However, none can quite match up to the quality and performance of a Weil-McLain WGO-3 oil boiler. For these reasons, Skylands Energy recommends these systems when a customer requires a boiler replacement for their home.

In this particular case study, our customer had an old and outdated Weil-McLain oil boiler that they had relied on for many years. It had simply reached the end of its lifespan. The homeowner was more than happy to replace their old unit with a new Weil-McLain, knowing how reliable their old one was. Some of the features of their new unit include:

  • Cast Iron Sections
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Drain Valve
  • Two Flue Outlets- On The Rear And Top, Providing Complete Venting Flexibility
  • Electrical Junction Box
  • Insulated Jacket
  • Built-in Air Separator
  • 30 PSI ASME Relief Valve
  • Swing-away Burner Door And Service Switch
  • Balanced Draft Damper
  • Factory Tested
  • 85% AFUE
  • Elastomer Seals To Increase Performance And Reliability

Overall, the Elinore Berman Estate will now feel the peace of mind that they can count on their new Weil-McLain boiler for many years to come. They won’t have to deal with uncomfortable home temperatures or higher than normal energy costs, which are common with old and outdated boiler systems. Our customers can now enjoy even home temperatures, low home heating bills, and a superior level of comfort throughout the cold New Jersey winters.

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Important Things To Know About Leaking Boilers

boilerIt’s first important to note that all boiler repairs have to be done by trained professionals. Do not try to do a boiler repair on your own if you lack the necessary certification and training.

When your boiler starts to leak, this is actually considered to be a very serious issue. There are times when this means that an internal component is no longer working. This might be a valve or a seal. In more serious instances, however, a leak can ultimately lead to interior corrosion and rust. As a result, electrical parts within the unit can begin to short circuit. We’ve even seen cases in which a boiler leak has resulted in serious structural damages to the building itself. As such, whenever you identify a boiler leak, make sure to address the problem right way by calling Skylands Energy.

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Common Causes Of A Leaking Boiler

corrosionIdentifying the underlying cause of a leaking boiler can sometimes be a challenge. You have to know the actual source of the leak. Some boilers leak from the interior and others leak from their bottoms. Following are a few common causes of boiler leaks.

The Pressure Valve

When a boiler leaks from the pressure valve this often means that there’s too much pressure in the system. The pressure of a boiler should fall between 18 PSI and 21 PSI. If boiler pressure ever rises above this level, water will start to leak from the relief valve in order to keep the boiler from blowing up. Sediments like limescale can create a build-up of pressure within boilers also. Once you’ve removed any obstructions that exist, the valves are going to have to be replaced as well.

The Temperature Valve

If the water temperature within the boiler ever becomes too high, the temperature valve can start leaking water. This could mean that the temperature probe in your boiler is having problems.


Boilers often leak as the result of rusting or corrosion. The elements that are rusted or corroded within the boiler are the underlying cause of these leaks.

If a corroded element is causing a boiler to leak, this part will need to be replaced. If both the tank and various elements are corroded, the boiler will have to be replaced altogether. In these cases, the rust and corrosion have progressed past the point of repairs.

Problems With Pipe Fittings

In gas boilers, water can start to leak at or around the pipe fittings. This could mean that the boiler was never properly installed, to begin with.

A Faulty Boiler Pump

A leak that starts around the seals of the boiler pump means that the pump needs to be either replaced or resealed in order to resolve the issue.


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