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The Magulak family called Skylands Energy Service to perform an annual heating system tune-up. While our technician, George Lauck, was inspecting their unit, he noticed that the firebox to their Trianco hot water boiler was starting to collapse. This issue is unrepairable and dangerous. For this reason, George recommended a Peerless oil boiler replacement for their Hillsborough, NY home.

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Problem: The Magulaks had an old Trianco boiler that was unrepairable.

Solution: Skylands Energy Service removed their old oil boiler and replaced it with a Peerless boiler with a tankless coil. We installed new oil lines and completed the entire installation in one day. Our Hillsborough customers did not have to go without heat for long.

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Peerless WBV-03 Oil Boiler In Hillsborough

Skylands Energy Service quickly removed the Magulaks old boiler and installed a Peerless hot water boiler in its place. Most HVAC experts would agree that Peerless boilers are top of the line. This family will now have the ability to enjoy their new oil boiler for many years due to the fact that Peerless boilers are meant to last. They are reliable, perform well, and are highly energy efficient. Some of the features that these impressive boilers offer include:

  • Energy Star rated with an 87.5% AFUE
  • Chimney venting
  • Reduces heat loss due to its powder-coated steel jacket
  • Taco circulators
  • Flame retention burners
  • All of the sections are cast iron and are individually tested to ensure that they have a water-tight seal
  • Wet base section design
  • Top flue or rear flue convertibility (applicable for specific models)
  • HydroStat reset controls with low water cut-off
  • Easy to service and maintain due to full plate swing-out door
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty for all cast iron sections and a one-year warranty for parts

The Magulak family have certainly made an improvement when it comes to their comfort. Also, since their new heating equipment is so energy efficient, they will pay less on their home heating costs. Furthermore, in a few short years, their new Peerless boiler installation will pay for itself in the form of reduced energy bills.

The Magulaks are happy that they called Skylands Energy Service. We were able to find a unit that best matched their heating requirements while staying within their budget. In addition, since we installed their boiler in one day, they did not have to go without heat for long.

If you would like to schedule a free, in-home estimate, be sure to call Skylands Energy Service today!

Common Issues With Boilers In Hillsborough

hillsborough boiler replacementSome boiler problems are DIY fixers. They are familiar enough not to require the services of a technician. However, there are more severe and complicated boiler issues that should never be handled as a weekend project. In case you are not sure about what to do, always seek a professional’s advice before proceeding.

Boiler Issues To Look Out For In Hillsborough

Some of the most common problems associated with boilers are:

  • No Hot Water: When the boiler does not produce hot water, it could be traced to issues such as broken airlocks and diaphragms, low level of water, motorized valve failure, and problems with the thermostat. The first step in case this problem happens is to check the thermostat or boiler pressure. In many cases, some adjustments on either component will fix the issue. If the problem is a broken airlock, valve, or diaphragm, the part might require a replacement. When this happens, call Skylands Energy Service to ensure that the issue is diagnosed correctly and that the problem is fixed safely.
  • Leaking Boiler In Hillsborough:  Leaking or dripping is caused by a number of reasons, depending on the source of the leak. Probably the most common reason why this happens is that there is a broken component inside the boiler, such as a pressure valve or pump seal. A broken pressure valve is often caused by excessive boiler pressure. If the pump seal is broken, it has to be replaced. In some cases, corrosion may be the cause of the leak, particularly around the tank or pipes. It is also possible that the system was not fitted properly. If leaking is evident on the boiler, do not attempt to repair the problem on your own. Call an HVAC contractor to help determine the cause of the issue and provide the best solution for it.
  • Kettling: Kettling refers to the noise a boiler makes that is similar to the sound of water boiling in a kettle. This issue usually happens due to the buildup of sludge or limescale on the heat exchanger. This buildup restricts water flow inside the heat exchanger and cause water to overheat. When this happens, the water boils and produces steam, which in turn causes the kettling sound. Kettling is relatively common in locations that use hard water, but it can also happen in areas with soft water. When there is buildup, the boiler works harder, putting more pressure on the system and increasing its running cost. This problem will shorten the life of the system. The solution to kettling is simple: the system has to be flushed, but this should only be done by a professional technician who can correctly remove the buildup and ensure that the boiler will work properly after that.
  • No Pilot Light: The pilot light refers to the blue flame that keeps the large burner burning. If it goes out for no reason, it may be because the thermocouple is broken, which stops the supply of fuel. The pilot light may also be going out because of a buildup of deposit in the light, or it may be because of a draught. If the pilot light keeps going out, always check that the fuel supply does not have any problems before relighting it. If the problem is not the fuel supply, consider calling Skylands Energy Service to make a complete inspection of the system. Never try to complete any repair by yourself, especially if you are unfamiliar with the unit.
  • Low Pressure: The built-in pressure gauge in the unit shows the pressure of the boiler. If the needle slips below 1, it is likely that there is low pressure, which means the heating system will not work correctly. Some of the reasons why this may happen include a water leak, a worn out or damaged pressure relief valve, and radiators that were recently bled. If you find a visible leak in your boiler, call a Skylands Energy Service technician right away. It is likely that the system has to be re-pressurized. You could try doing this yourself but if you are unsure what to do, call a professional for advice.
  • Condensate Pipe Has Frozen: The condensate pipe in all types of condensing boilers (regular, combi, or system) keeps the acidic water from the boiler by transporting it. In most models, the condensate pipe will empty into an exterior drain. This situation exposes it to low temperatures during the cold months, which increases its risk of freezing. If the condensate pipe is frozen, the system will likely notify you with a warning or a fault code display. If the pipe is frozen, it can usually be fixed by placing some warm cloth, heating pack, or hot water bottle around the frozen part. Hot water (not boiling) may also be poured over the area. Once the pipe has been thawed, the boiler may be fired up again.
  • Thermostat Problems: Once the thermostat stops working accurately or is turning the unit on and off, the component may have to be replaced. It may be prudent to check for other issues, though. For example, the thermostat may not have been turned on or set to the proper time or schedule. Check if it is correctly attached to the unit as well. If it is loose, it may not provide an adequate reading.
  • Noises: Air that finds itself in the system will often cause strange gurgling, banging, and whistling sounds in the boiler. Noise may also be caused by low water pressure, such as in the case of kettling. In older units, noises occur once the pump is about to fail. The type of issue that a boiler has can often be determined through the noise it makes.
  • Radiator Fails To Heat Up: Failure to heat up is often caused by sludge buildup. It could also be caused by air in the unit. Check the bottom of the radiator for increased temperature. If it is hot, the radiator may have to be bled. Call a professional technician. Some radiators do not get hot. If this is the case, consider having your radiators balanced. Call a Skylands Energy Service technician to service your boiler.
  • Boiler Switches Off: A boiler that switches off on its own may be caused by specific problems, such as low water pressure or a thermostat issue. The problem may also be caused by a closed valve which reduces the water flow, or failure of the pump to circulate water properly. Air in the system may also cause the boiler to keep switching off. Call Skylands Energy Service for a proper inspection of the boiler.

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Is It Time to Replace Your Boiler In Hillsborough, New Jersey?

Age is a common reason for getting a new boiler. If the boiler is more than ten years old, it may be time to have it replaced with a new unit. Older boilers tend to break down quickly and may not be as efficient as more modern units. Of course, periodic maintenance and repairs can help extend the life of the unit but over time, regular wear and tear, along with age, will cause the unit to become less and less efficient and more costly to run. Eventually, it will fail and break down.

With a brand new unit, you can be assured that the boiler will run efficiently and provide you with hot water when and where needed. A new unit will also come with a warranty that will cover parts and services so that you can save on replacements, checkups, and repairs during the period covered. A new boiler unit is also more efficient than an older unit. Hence you can save money on your bills and keep your home safe.

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