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With the increasing summer temperatures, the Pandolfi family gave Skylands Energy a call. They noticed that they felt uncomfortable in their Monroe, New Jersey home, even with the air conditioning on. They could tell that there was an issue with their air conditioner because it couldn’t keep up with the rising outside summer temperatures. They wanted to know how to make their home more comfortable and decrease their escalating energy costs.

Ted Francisco, one of Skyland’s knowledgeable and experienced HVAC technicians, examined their old Lennox air conditioner. He recommended an air conditioning replacement for their Monroe, NJ home.

Heil AC installation Monroe NJ

Problem: The Pandolfi home had an old and outdated Lennox air conditioning unit. It has a low SEER rating which implies high energy costs. Also, it used R-22 refrigerant which is no longer being produced.

Solution: Skylands Energy removed the old Lennox air conditioner and installed a new Heil central air conditioning system.


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Heil QuietComfort® 16 Central Air Conditioner
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Heil QuietComfort® 16 Central Air Conditioner

The Pandolfi home needed a new air conditioner. This would solve their issues with comfort and high energy costs. Their unit was old and outdated. Hence, why their comfort levels were decreasing and their energy bills were increasing. This is one of the telltale signs for an upcoming replacement. After weighing the pros and cons, they decided that it made more financial sense to replace their unit.

At Skylands Energy, we highly recommend Heil heating and cooling equipment. Heil’s air conditioners are built to last. They are reliable and provide a high level of comfort. Additionally, they do not use an excessive amount of energy for the high level of air conditioning that they put out. We recommended the Heil QuietComfort® 16 central air conditioner for the Pandolfi home.

This single stage compressor offers the comfort that the Pandolfi family seeks. It delivers cool air with reduced humidity levels. It is capable of being remotely controlled with the Observer® communicating system. This further enhances its energy efficiency since you can control your home’s temperature, using a smart device. Other important features of this Heil air conditioner include:

  • 16 SEER cooling and 12.2 EER cooling
  • Energy Star qualified
  • Quiet operation
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Single-stage compressor
  • Remote access
  • 5-year warranty
  • 10-year warranty for parts
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The Pandolfi family not only improved the comfort of their home, but they also reduced their cooling costs by investing in this make and model of air conditioner. They will feel nice and cool during the hot summers. Also, they will have the ability to use the money that they save on energy costs for other activities that they enjoy. The unit pays for itself quickly so it has a great return on investment. They have improved their property value. Furthermore, they can count on their new AC for many years to come.


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When To Replace Your Air Conditioner

As mentioned above, one of the signs that truly indicates the need for an AC replacement is an air conditioner that does not perform well. This, put together with the increase in cooling costs, makes the decision for a replacement a no-brainer.

Sure, an air conditioner replacement is expensive but so is an air conditioner that performs poorly at an expensive rate.

Homeowners would save themselves the discomfort and cost of dealing with an air conditioner that needs a replacement by knowing the telltale signs that indicate when the time has arrived to look for a new one.

  • Do you know your air conditioner’s age? You should. Knowing how old your air conditioner is will give you a rough estimate of when you need to start saving for a replacement. AC systems tend to last 10-15 years. When your unit is about 10 years old, then you know that it is time to start saving.
  • When your unit is noisy and/or your home seems dustier than normal, then it may be time for a replacement.
  • If you face unexplained, higher than normal energy costs, then it may be time for a replacement. An air conditioner that is on its way out will not perform efficiently.
  • Does your system require frequent repairs? An air conditioner that requires frequent repairs is probably on its way out. You are spending too much on repair costs instead of investing your hard earned money on a new unit.
  • When an AC’s performance is less than bad, or there are uneven temperatures throughout your home, it is time to start shopping for a new unit.

All of the above warning signs indicate an upcoming air conditioner replacement. Naturally, no one wants to replace their air conditioning system when the time comes. It is an expense that no one wants to take on. Your air conditioner makes a huge difference during the warm weather.

However, if your unit costs a lot to repair or your cooling costs have escalated, then you will save a considerable amount of money investing in a new unit. In fact, the unit will pay for itself quickly with repair costs and high energy costs out of the way. In addition, a new A/C unit will increase your property value and increase your comfort.


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Why Replace An AC Unit That Uses R-22

Air conditioning units that were manufactured before 2010, use a refrigerant called R-22. However, in the 1990s, the EPA declared a phase-out of this refrigerant due to the harmful effects on the environment. R-22 will be replaced by a more environmentally-friendly refrigerant, R-410A, starting in 2015.

This phase-out will impact the costs to maintain and repair air conditioning units that use R-22 refrigerant. If your unit has a leak, then you can expect repairs costs to double or triple. The reason is because there are such limited supplies of R-22 left. For this reason, costs are significantly escalating. Costs will not fluctuate, they will only rise due to low supply and high demand. Therefore, it is widely agreed, among experts in the HVAC industry, that it is better to replace an R-22 unit than to get hit with the high costs of repairing an R-22 refrigerant air conditioner.

You can avoid refrigerant leaks by properly maintaining your system. If your unit is older and will need to be replaced soon, professional maintenance will give you the time you need to plan for a new air conditioner replacement. Be sure to schedule an annual tune-up to prevent paying for the cost of a costly refrigerant charge for an older unit.


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