Fujitsu Ductless Installation In Ringoes NJ

Since summer is quickly approaching, many homeowners take the time to prepare their home for the upcoming hot and humid weather. Many homeowners are scheduling their central AC tune-ups, and others are pulling out their window air conditioners.

Every spring season, the Klevze family would pull out their window AC units. They would place them in their downstairs area, and their upstairs bedrooms since their home did not have a ductwork system. They had depended on this type of cooling system for many years now. However, anyone who has used a window air conditioner understands the inconvenience that comes with them. This year, the Klevze family decided that they were done hauling these units out for the summer. Instead, they chose to call Skylands Energy to see what our HVAC technicians would recommend as an alternative.

When George Lauck, one of our experienced heating and cooling technicians, arrived at their home, he recommended that they install a Fujitsu ductless system in their Ringoes NJ home.

fujitsu ductless heat pump installation Ringoes NJ

Problem: The Klevze family did not want to go another summer using their window air conditioning units because they never provided the true comfort that they needed. The Klevzes were interested in enhancing the level of comfort in their home, especially during the peak of the summer heat. They wanted to pay less for their cooling costs. Also, they did not want a system that was so noisy like their old window AC units were.

Solution: Skylands Energy installed a Fujitsu ductless mini-split cooling and heating system. To properly cool their home, we installed two outdoor Fujitsu heat pump condensing units (AOU36RLXFZ1) and three indoor units (2 Indoor cassettes AUU12RLF and one wall unit ASU18RLF).

Fujitsu Ductless Mini-Split Systems

Fujitsu Halcyon™ SINGLE-ROOM MINI-SPLIT DUCTLESS SYSTEMSSkylands Energy installed three Fujitsu ductless indoor units at the Kleve home. To properly cool their entire house, we installed two indoor cassette units (Fujitsu AUU12RLF) and one wall-mounted unit (Fujitsu ASU18RLF). We placed one indoor cassette unit in the master bedroom, another indoor cassette in the front bedroom, and we put a wall mounted unit in the kitchen/living room area. We also installed two outdoor heat pump condensers (Fujitsu (AOU36RLXFZ1).

We recommend Fujitsu ductless systems to our customers due to their efficiency, reliability, and comfort. They perform well, and Fujitsu is one of the best manufacturers of ductless heating and cooling systems. With these systems, you don’t have to pay astronomical expenses to stay comfortable during extreme outdoor temperatures like you do with most other types of HVAC systems.

Ductless systems can work in a variety of settings. Many homeowners use them as a supplemental heating and cooling source. Due to their low energy use and powerful performance, many homeowners appreciate the reduced energy costs. Homeowners who use their central HVAC system as their only source of heating and cooling pay exorbitant costs to keep their home comfortable.

Ductless systems also work well for homes that do not have a ductwork system in place. Houses that erect an addition to their home may not have the option to extend the existing ductwork into it. Therefore, a ductless system works well for this type of setting. Other settings that they work well in include offices, sunrooms, pool houses, and more. The models that Skylands Energy installed in the Klevze home feature:

Fujitsu Halcyon™ SINGLE-ROOM MINI-SPLIT SYSTEMS Compact Cassette 12RLFCC

This discreet ductless model offers many features that homeowners appreciate. It provides year-round comfort since it is capable of heating and cooling. Home heating and cooling costs are at a minimum since this unit is so energy efficient. It can distribute the conditioned air evenly across a room or zone. It comes with a 2-stage turbofan. Other appealing features include:

  • High-performance heating and cooling
  • Energy efficient: 24 SEER rating and a 14.5 EER rating
  • 12-year warranty on parts and the compressor if an elite contractor installs it and the online product registration is completed
  • Dry mode for humidity control. This feature dehumidifies your zone.
  • AHRI and Energy Star rated
  • High ceiling mode: can be set to account for ceiling height to make accurate temperature calculations.
  • Wireless remote
  • Wireless temperature sensor
  • 2-stage turbofan: This unit features two currents of air which allows even temperature while improving comfort.
  • Environmentally friendly using R410a refrigerant
  • Up to 24 SEER
  • The auto louver can move up and down
  • Smart system: auto restart and auto reset
  • Sleep timer and 7-day programmability, ensuring energy efficiency
  • Inverter Technology
  • Quiet operation
  • Condensate pump: removes condensation build up from your system. This protects it from any damage and ensures that it runs efficiently.


Halcyon SINGLE-ROOM DUCTLESS MINI-SPLIT SYSTEMS Wall Mounted RLF-RLX Series High SEER ASU18RLFThis powerful, wall-mounted unit was installed in the kitchen/living room area of the Kleve home. It is where they spend most of their time when they are at home. This unit has the capacity to provide the comfort that they need in an energy efficient manner. The Fujitsu ASU18RLF model offers cooling, heating, and dehumidification options, providing year-round comfort. It has an advanced filtration system which is a great option for those who want to improve the indoor air quality of their home. Some other features that the Klevzes will be able to enjoy include:

  • Energy Star qualified
  • Program timer: sleep timer, 24-hour timer, weekly timer
  • Modes: dry mode, quiet mode, minimum heat mode, auto mode
  • Refrigerant type R410A
  • Apple catechin filter and ion deodorizing filter
  • Removable open panel with removable air filter
  • Auto changeover
  • Up to 23 SEER
  • Quiet operation
  • Auto restart/reset
  • Auto louver: up/ down
  • Power diffuser
  • 2-year warranty on parts and the compressor if it is installed by an elite contractor and the online product registration is completed
  • Wired and wireless remote controllers

The Klevzes are extremely happy because they have improved the value of their home. Also, they can save money because they will no longer be using window air conditioning units. Also, they will enjoy the extreme level of comfort that their home has and the whisper quiet operation of these units.

Why Ductless Systems Are Better Than Window Air Conditioning Units

window air conditionerCentral air conditioning requires a duct system to distribute ambiance air throughout a home. If your home does not have this system, you might need to look for other means to manage indoor heat. Having ductwork installed in a home can require significant reconstruction – a project that many homeowners eschew due to its cost and time.

For years, homeowners relied on window-type air conditioners to cool homes without central air conditioning. These days, though, with modern technology and solutions available, homeowners no longer have to rely on just one option.

Disadvantages Of Window Air Conditioners

Window air conditioners do have their benefits. However, compared to ductless systems, their limitations are much more glaring. Window-type ACs, for one, obstructs window views. They also require open wall spaces for installation, making them a security risk. Burglars, for example, can exploit this by using the hole in the wall as an entry point.

Window ACs also tend to be noisy, thus affecting the ambiance of the rooms indoors. Multiple window ACs can also be expensive to run, particularly during the warm seasons. Fortunately, you can eliminate these issues with the use of mini-split or ductless systems. These systems will cool your home without the problems common to window ACs.

Ductless Mini-Splits

Modern ductless systems are designed to be compact and sleek, with the indoor unit taking only a small area. The condensing unit of this type of air conditioning system is installed outdoors, keeping the noise away from the interior of the house. Another excellent advantage that ductless ACs have over window ACs is that ductless/mini-splits are energy efficient. Using this system will allow you to save on cooling cost. Ductless systems can also be set up to heat a home, ensuring your comfort all year round. Furthermore, ductless systems are built tough and can last longer than window units, provided that you give them proper care and maintenance. Their cost-effective design will allow you to save more over the long term.

Unobtrusive Design

Another critical advantage of ductless systems is that they are discreet. Unlike the fairly obvious window ACs, ductless units can adapt to the design of the indoor environment of your home. You can mount a ductless unit on any level on the wall, although HVAC technicians generally install them either close to the ceiling or a little lower. This keeps them out of the way, clearing the space below while keeping the air indoors cool. Plus, they leave your walls free from holes and your window view unobstructed. With this system, you can allow natural lighting through the windows, avoid a security risk, and still enjoy a pleasant, comfortable environment.

Control At Your Fingertips

Comfort is indeed under your control with a ductless air conditioning system. The most common problem with using a window-type air conditioner is that you genuinely do not have that much control when it comes to maintaining a comfortable room temperature.

The main issue with window-type air conditioners is that they take a while before they cycle off. Hence, they tend to cool down the room for an extended period. Their long cycles can lower the room temperature too much, leaving it too cold. The regular cycling on and cycling off is the reason why rooms cooled by a window-type air conditioner tend to have an inconsistent temperature. This cycling can be a problem on hot days. The inconsistent temperature is a common complaint among homeowners who use window ACs. Also, the constant cycling on and off makes this system extremely inefficient. With ductless systems or mini-split systems, the unit is entirely under your control. Once you set the right temperature, the system will maintain and make any necessary adjustments to ensure that you experience the comfort level that you prefer.

Which Should You Choose?

With its design, space- and cost-saving efficiency, better comfort, and quiet operation, the ductless air conditioner system is easily the right choice for your home. Call Skylands Energy today to schedule a free consultation.

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