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The township of Woodbridge is considered one of the oldest townships in all of the state of New Jersey. We tend to find older single family homes in this area of Middlesex County that have old heating systems. This was the case when we arrived at the Cheesman household.

The Cheesmans did not have any heat when we arrived at their home. The last few seasons, they had noticed that their heating bills had grown. However, they had not increased the temperature of their thermostat or made any changes to their home that would cause this. After Ted Francisco, one of our professional HVAC technicians, inspected their system, he discovered that the Cheesmans needed a boiler replacement Woodbridge NJ.

Problem: The Cheesmans gave us a call because they noticed that their home was not being comfortably heated. Additionally, their energy bills had increased. When we arrived at their home, it was discovered that their boiler had a leak.

Solution: We replaced their old system with a Peerless WBV-03 steam boiler.

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Boiler Leaks

There are many signs that indicate when a boiler has reached the end of its lifespan. Boilers tend to last approximately 15 years or so, on average. When it is nearing that age, then it is time to look for the following signs:

Age: Some boilers can last as much as 20-30 years when they are properly maintained. However, when a boiler reaches a 15 year mark, it may be time to consider a replacement. All heating systems lose their efficiency as they age.

Energy Costs: When a boiler has to work harder to keep a home warm, it requires more energy. This translates into higher energy costs.

Yellow Flames Or Black Soot: As the system ages, it may not burn fuel properly. Look for yellow flames or black soot.

Frequent Repairs: When a boiler needs frequent repairs, then this is indicative of the need for a major repair or a boiler replacement.

Lack Of Comfort: A problem with an aging boiler is that some rooms in a home will feel too hot while others feel quite cold.

Leaks: A boiler that is leaking water can cause some serious damage to a home. It can also create mold and mildew growth. When a boiler has a leak, it could be near the end of its lifespan. This was the case with the Cheesmans.

Even when a boiler doesn’t show signs that a total failure is imminent, it is wise to upgrade your system. This way, a home can avoid an emergency situation and the upgrade is a planned event. A newer system offers many benefits such as the ones that the Cheesmans experienced.

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Boiler Installation

When a boiler needs to be replaced, it is not a long or complicated process. This means that the Cheesmans did not have to go without heat for too long. We replaced their old and outdated system with a Peerless WBV-03 steam boiler. Peerless boilers are known for their effectiveness and efficiency.

This oil-fired boiler comes in either a hot water or steam system. These systems are so energy efficient and have a 87.5% AFUE. It has been rated with an Energy Star label. This model has three different sizes to choose from, all of which have 8 firing rates. There are between 3-5 sections which are made of cast iron and assembled with steel push nipples. All sizes come with a steel jacket. The steel jacket serves to reduce heat loss. The internal components are accessible via a swing out door which allows for cleaning and maintenance.

The Cheesmans now can rely on their new boiler to provide a home that is evenly heated.

Additional Benefits Of A New Boiler System

A new boiler install offers many advantages. First and foremost, the Cheesmans have a home that is evenly heated. They had not experienced this for quite some time and so they are quite pleased with their added comfort. Also, their energy bills have been reduced by 25% per month. This translates into high energy savings. Their investment will pay itself off quickly. They can count on their system for many years to come since they have improved their heating reliability. Their new Peerless system has a reduced environmental impact. Additionally, they have increased their property value.

Another benefit of this system is that the Peerless WBV-03 steam boiler comes with a 1 year full warranty. It has a 10-year warranty on the cast iron sections. Peerless stands by their products by offering excellent warranties.

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