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How Leaves Affect Your HVAC System

fall and hvac systemDifferent seasons bring about various changes to the environment. Autumn brings about brilliant colors and changes the mood for the best. However, it also means fallen leaves.

While the leaves are beautiful to see on the pavement, it may not be so wonderful when dealing with your home HVAC system.

These fallen leaves can create big problems if you do not take care of them immediately. Homeowners should be aware of this issue to help prevent damage to their heating and air conditioning unit.

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Somerset County HVAC Companies Share The Impact Of Leaves On Your HVAC System

Heating and air conditioning equipment require a lot of maintenance. Here are some tips and advice to help you deal with fallen leaves on your home heating and cooling system.

What Sort Of Problems Does It Cause To Your HVAC System?

home heating costsFirst of all, HVAC equipment is very sensitive and cannot be blocked at any time.

Many modern systems now have exhaust pipes that lead to the outside of your home. This usually does not pose any problems since they are almost always fitted with screens to keep wild animals and objects out. However, these screens are not designed for smaller things like fallen leaves during autumn. They can easily be blocked by such obstructions, leading to faulty mechanisms.

Another major problem you may come across is compressors being clogged by leaves. New HVAC systems have outdoor units that house the compressor. Leaves can quickly clog up the compressor outside your home, reducing airflow. Not only that, but it also causes mold and bacteria growth. This problem causes poor indoor air quality, leading to sickness and ill health at home.

However, the worst problem you will undoubtedly face is the fact that the HVAC system will not work as effectively, resulting in cold temperatures inside your home. This issue translates to higher heating cost as well as more wear and tear on your system, causing a shorter lifespan for your HVAC equipment.

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How Do I Deal with Fallen Leaves Then?

raking leavesFortunately, there are many steps you can easily take to deal with this problem at home.

First of all, rake leaves as frequently as possible and discard them far away from home. Once a week is highly recommended, but the frequency is entirely up to you. Always make sure that you rake in the opposite direction from the furnace intake or outtake pipes. If you rake in that particular direction, your home heating and air equipment will take a beating, thus exacerbating your problems.

While having plants, trees, and shrubs are an excellent way of beautifying your home, they may interfere with the operation of your HVAC system. It is a good idea to plant them as far away from the compressor as possible. You should aim to keep at least three feet of the area cleared around the compressor.

If you have a lot of debris or foliage around the compressor, then remove them immediately. To get the stuff away from your precious equipment, turn the heating and air conditioning system off first. Then pop it open and clear out the debris very carefully, making sure you do not damage the equipment. This will always enable the compressor to work efficiently.

Finally, you should schedule a professional tune-up as part of a seasonal or annual checkup for your home HVAC system. Expert HVAC technicians have the knowledge and know-how to deal with fallen leaves quickly and efficiently. You can also ask them for recommendations on how to deal with the problem and how to improve the energy efficiency of your system. Professional HVAC companies offer tune-ups that will reduce your energy costs, enhance the lifespan of your system, and improve its performance. Therefore, it is a small investment with a great return.


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As you can see, fallen leaves can create massive problems if you do not take care of them quickly.

It is a good idea to do annual checkups if you want your home heated properly and without any problems. Be sure to use the help of one of your local HVAC contractors for best results.

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