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3 Destructive Habits That Compromise Your Air Conditioning System

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Air conditioning units are crucial in keeping living spaces comfortable, especially in regions where the temperatures can soar or plummet. Skylands Energy Service, at the forefront of HVAC services and maintenance, leverages its extensive experience to guarantee the smooth operation of these vital systems. Recognizing and steering clear of specific detrimental practices and using proper air conditioner care is essential for prolonging the lifespan of your air conditioning unit.

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Three Detrimental Practices That Can Reduce Your AC Unit’s Longevity

Outlined below are three negative habits that can diminish the operational lifespan of your air conditioning system. This way, you’ll be able to avoid these habits, ensuring proper air conditioner care:

Overlooking Routine Air Conditioner Care & Upkeep

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Consistent maintenance checks form the bedrock of an air conditioner’s optimal performance and extended service life. The straightforward task of regular maintenance can markedly affect these systems’ efficiency and durability. We stress the significance of an all-encompassing maintenance strategy, incorporating frequent filter changes and arranging for expert evaluations. These actions go beyond preserving efficiency; they are crucial for averting the slow deterioration of the system’s operational capability.

Skipping these essential maintenance steps can have serious consequences. An uncared-for air conditioner may see a decline in efficiency, reducing home comfort and raising energy costs. Over time, the added stress on an unmaintained unit can lead to complete failures, resulting in significant repair or replacement expenses.

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Overlooking Initial Indicators of Air Conditioning Unit Issues

Paying attention to and acting upon the early signs of air conditioner troubles is key to stopping small issues from turning into larger, more costly ones. 

Key indicators to be aware of include:

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  • Be attentive to any noises that differ from the unit’s standard operating sounds, such as rattling or buzzing. These could signify that parts have become loose or that the system has obstructions.
  • Experiencing inconsistent cooling, where certain rooms remain cooler than others, might point to issues within the ductwork or refrigerant levels.
  • A noticeable uptick in energy bills can often be attributed to the air conditioning unit working harder than it should to maintain the set temperatures. This excessive effort is a telltale sign of the system’s declining efficiency.

These warning signs typically indicate deeper issues that, when dealt with quickly, can be rectified with little effect on the system’s functionality and the homeowner’s finances. Thus, at the first indication of such problems, homeowners are encouraged to use air conditioner care and seek the expertise of a professional. Prompt action can mean the difference between a straightforward, affordable repair and a complicated, costly one.

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Improper Use & Overworking the Cooling System

Misusing the cooling system by constantly operating it at the lowest settings without regard for changes in outdoor temperatures can heavily tax and exhaust the system. Skylands Energy Service suggests establishing efficient usage habits to avoid such issues. They advocate for maintaining temperatures within a moderate spectrum and adapting these settings in response to external weather conditions, thereby minimizing the system’s stress.

Furthermore, use programmable thermostats and smart home devices. These technologies can greatly enhance the operation of your air conditioner by auto-adjusting for optimal efficiency and comfort, prolonging the unit’s lifespan, and lowering energy usage. Adopting such measures can lead to a cooling approach that is both more sustainable and economically favorable.

Strategies for Maximizing the Lifespan of Your AC System

To guarantee your air conditioning unit enjoys a lengthy service life and is well-maintained, consider these actionable air conditioner care guidelines:

  • Consistent Cooling System Cleaning & Maintenance: It’s critical to clean or change air filters, vents, and parts of the external unit regularly. Such maintenance tasks, which homeowners can undertake, are vital in avoiding problems such as airflow obstructions, thus facilitating efficient system operation. This routine should also encompass removing debris from around outdoor units and inspecting any blockages in the ductwork.
  • Optimal AC Unit Temperature Management: Skylands Energy Service recommends adjusting your thermostat according to the time of day and season to lessen system strain. Programmable thermostats are ideal for automating these settings, ensuring a balance between comfort and efficiency while extending the unit’s lifespan.
  • Annual HVAC Inspections: Scheduling yearly inspections with Skylands Energy Service’s experts is critical for the early identification of potential problems. These evaluations often cover refrigerant level checks, electrical component assessments, and overall system performance reviews, all aimed at maintaining the unit’s optimal efficiency.
  • Strategic Air Conditioner Upgrades & Replacements: Skylands Energy Service assists homeowners in deciding the appropriate times for upgrading to more efficient models or making necessary part replacements. This advice takes into account the unit’s age, repair history, and recent technological advancements. Switching to a contemporary, energy-efficient air conditioner can save considerable costs over time, including lower energy expenses and fewer maintenance needs. Moreover, these updated models typically provide superior cooling and enhanced air quality.
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Common Air Conditioner FAQs

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Below are answers to frequently asked questions about air conditioner maintenance and care.

How Often Should I Service My Air Conditioner?

Servicing your air conditioner annually, preferably in the spring before the onset of the cooling season, is advised. Routine maintenance encompasses refrigerant level checks, coil cleaning, and verification that all parts are in good working order. Such care is crucial for sustaining peak performance, prolonging your unit’s lifespan, and avoiding expensive repairs.

How Often Should I Replace My Air Conditioner’s Filters?

Replace disposable air filters every 1-3 months, considering usage, air quality, and manufacturer’s advice. Homes with pets, smokers, or high dust may need more frequent changes to keep air quality and efficiency high. Consistent filter replacement is essential for optimal airflow and smooth system operation.

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Why Is My Air Conditioner Freezing Up?

Air conditioners can freeze up for various reasons, such as low refrigerant levels, reduced airflow, or using the unit in cooler temperatures. Preventing freezing involves keeping filters clean, ensuring coils are unobstructed, and maintaining the correct refrigerant level. Should the issue continue, seeking professional advice is recommended.


Avoid harmful practices like skipping maintenance, ignoring warning signs, and misusing your AC to ensure longevity and efficiency. Skylands Energy Service highlights the importance of regular cleaning, proper temperature settings, and professional inspections for optimal air conditioner health. They encourage proactive system care and recommend booking a maintenance check with Skylands Energy Service for expert guidance and service. This proactive approach is crucial for maintaining your AC’s performance and reliability. Discover state-of-the-art, efficient HVAC solutions with our expert services. Contact us to learn more.

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