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What Are The Factors That Influence A Furnace’s Lifespan?

how long does a furnace lastA common question many homeowners have during the winter is, “How long does a furnace last?”. It is a considerable investment to purchase a new furnace. Therefore, it is understandable that no homeowner is in a hurry to make that investment. The replacement of a heating system can create a financial burden that is stressful for any budget.

To answer the question, the general lifespan of an average residential heating unit…

is around fifteen years. It is important to note that this is a generalization only. Each brand of heater has a lifespan that can vary a few years one way or the other. Also, there are factors that can increase and decrease the lifespan of your heater. Not all factors are under your control, yet, some are completely in your control. In this article, we will discuss what these factors are so that you can budget with enough time before requiring a Bridgewater NJ furnace replacement.


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Age Of  Your Furnace

furnace replacement service in a bridgewater new jersey homeCertainly, if you already have an old heater, it has already used much of its service life. The older the heating unit, the fewer years that remain in its lifespan. This is logical, but inevitable. Many want a further explanation.

Even though the average duration of a furnace is 15 years, it is not to say that one will not function longer than that. It is important to mention that if you live in a warmer climate, your typical usage is less than someone who lives in a colder climate. For those living in more temperate climates, it is conceivable that your heating system will last much longer.

To properly prepare…

when your heating unit is close to fifteen years old, you should start saving for a new unit. You may have a decade more before it needs a replacement. However, this is the best case scenario. It is more likely that you will have a window of a couple of years before replacement is necessary. Older units require regular repairs before the unit actually stops working. It is also common for a unit to run inefficiently before completely breaking down. Needless to say, as a system ages, it becomes less efficient which causes your energy bills to increase.

Heating System Manufacturer

Just as with all products, look for quality. That is not to say that all expensive heaters work best. A new and sparkling home appliance does not always equate to quality construction. It is important that you are not swayed by fancy packaging and persuasive marketing. Do your research to determine the best product for the price.

Resources, like customer reviews and manufacturer warranties…

can help you determine the value and satisfaction level of a product. If the manufacturer is willing to heavily warranty the product, they must have confidence in its performance. Likewise, if there are several consumers willing to submit positive reviews about the product, it is highly possible that it is earnestly a quality product.

The manufacturer warranty can give you a lot of information about the appliance. Look for the longest warranty that you can find. This ensures that the life of the heating unit is as long or longer than the warranty. No manufacturer, that wants to stay in business, would warranty a product longer than that product’s expected life. Also, take note on the service that the warranty outlines. A service warranty holds strength when equating to quality as well. If they are willing to repair or service their product, this means that they have the utmost confidence in the heater. Manufacturers who offer impressive warranties imply that they stand by their products. Basically, if there are good warranties on the furnace, you can expect it to last you 15 or more years with proper care.


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Heating System Maintenance

furnace maintenanceAll machinery needs maintenance to stay in working order, especially efficient running order. A heating system is no different. Standard maintenance ensures proper operation. If the homeowner does not schedule maintenance, it is doubtful that any brand of furnace will last its life expectancy.

It is important to change the air filters and schedule tune-ups regularly. This is an easy task that the homeowner can handle. Have your heating system inspected annually. A reputable HVAC contractor will inform you if there are parts that need replacement to prevent malfunction. The technician will essentially do a check up and a tune-up to ensure the unit is in top working order.

Keep in mind…

that climate also plays a factor in the lifespan of your heating unit. People living in a colder climate use the heater longer than those living in warmer climates. A higher level of usage requires a higher level of maintenance. It will be necessary to change filters, and get checkups more regularly if you live in a colder climate. Additionally, when winters are long and the furnace has a higher level of usage, it is possible that it will need a replacement earlier. Of course, this also depends on the other factors that affect the lifespan of a furnace.


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In conclusion, it is important to remember that no two heating units or households are the same. There are several unique factors that go into determining the furnace lifespan. Ultimately, only a technician can make the best determination to find the best best gas furnace or any other type of heater only after carefully inspecting your unit. They will not only inform you how long your furnace will last, they will also be able to give you advice on how to extend the life of your unit.

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