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What Is A Standby Generator?


No one is immune to power outages, and yes, that even includes a highly developed country like the U.S. It is estimated that around 3.5 million Americans experience power outages in a week and that many households go through at least five power outages every year. The duration of which would depend on the problem and how fast utility companies can fix it.

Whenever there are power outages, most of us can’t do anything but wait until the power is back. However, those who need a reliable power source every day purchase a standby generator ready for use any time the power is out. With this, we answer the question “What is a standby generator?”. Keep reading to learn more about backup generators.

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What Is A Standby Generator?

Standby generators are equipment you can depend on whenever there are power outages in your area. They allow homeowners to enjoy their everyday routines despite blackouts. But aside from home use, there are also larger generators that can be used commercially and industrially.

These generators are big and heavy, which is why they’re mainly placed on one spot located outside a home or business. This type of equipment is meant as a backup only if there are problems with power lines or disaster strikes. It is because of standby generators that hospitals, businesses, and homes are able to function well despite difficulties. However, although they have the ability to run for days, these generators are not designed as a continuous or primary power source.

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How Does A Backup Generator Work?

Generators depend on fuel to work. You can either use propane or natural gas, so just choose whichever you think fits your needs or the gas line available in your area.

A whole-house generator mainly converts mechanical energy into electrical energy to start working. The output would depend on the size of the machine, so make sure to check the wattage you need by looking at the appliances in your home. Most of the time, HVAC systems consume the biggest energy, which means it’s probably where you can base the wattage to get, too. However, if you’re unsure what generator size to get, call an expert to assist or give you options. At the same time, you can ask them to help you connect the generator to your home’s wiring system.


What To Expect Out Of A Whole-house Generator

Here are things you can expect if you get a whole-house generator:

1. Automatic Blackout Detection

An aspect that homeowners appreciate about whole-house generators is you can set them to detect a blackout automatically. All you need to do is pair them with an automatic transfer switch. Once they detect a power outage, they’ll immediately start the power transfer in seconds.

This is an excellent feature because, most of the time, power outages bring confusion. It can also cause the surroundings to go dark, especially if it’s nighttime.

Although it’s not that complicated to go to your power generator and turn it on manually, this may not be a feasible option. For example, if there’s a big storm in your area, it’s just not possible to go outside. Chances are, you’ll just stay inside and use candles instead as a light source.

The automatic detection feature will truly save you this hassle and automatically restore your power immediately.

2. Adequate Energy For The Entire Household

A whole-house generator can produce enough energy so that all your household appliances can function. Unlike small portable generators, a whole-house generator can allow you to use every appliance including all of the lights without any worries. You can even continue using your HVAC systems and other power-hungry machines.

house with power at night during a power outage and backup generator

3. On-Demand Fuel For Nonstop Operation

Most standby generators are powered by natural gas or propane. Whole-house generators that run off of natural gas won’t need to store fuel as they connect to the city’s gas lines. This means that you can use the generator whenever you need it as long as the gas lines are working well. In other words, you get unlimited fuel, which is why it’s okay for you to use any appliances at home without any worries. Propane-powered generators connect to a propane tank, which also provides ample fuel as long as the tank has a sufficient volume of propane gas.

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4. Resistance Against Corrosion

Generators are designed to last for years. Most of them even have multi-year warranties as a guarantee to homeowners that the machine is worth buying and that any issues will be taken care of.

However, if you’re worried about corrosion, you can opt for models made of stainless steel instead of aluminum or carbon steel as they have better longevity.

5. Substantial Noise Emission

Standby generators are notorious for being noisy. They have multiple moving parts, so it’s best to place it at a distance away from your home, especially from the bedroom. You should also make sure that the foundation is stable enough to minimize the machine’s vibration.


The Benefits Of Having A Standby Generator

If you’re not yet sure if it’s worth your time to buy a power generator, check out the following benefits below:

1. Continuous Household Comfort

Power outages cause discomfort, whether it happens during the summer or winter. For example, during a power outage, you will not be able to use your HVAC system. You’d have to bear the scorching heat or the freezing cold. The elderly or children are most affected.

Under extreme temperatures, kids and seniors can get ill. With a generator, no one has to suffer because you can always use your HVAC system even if there are blackouts.

2. Prevention Of Burst Pipes

When the power goes out during winter, there’s a high chance that pipes can freeze and burst. But with a generator, you can prevent the pipes from bursting, saving you from costly repairs.

3. Lighting For Safety And Security

When the power goes out at night, you’ll experience total darkness, making it harder to move around your home. In this kind of situation, accidents are bound to happen. On top of that, anyone would be able to sneak into your home without being seen.

With generators, however, you can keep your family safe and secure. It also gives you peace of mind that you won’t have any problem even if the power goes out at night.

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4. Food Preservation

If your food spoils during a blackout, that’s money lost. During a power outage, frozen food like meat and fish can spoil quickly if the power doesn’t come back on within a reasonable time frame.

Most power outages can last for a few minutes or hours, a short time that will preserve your food. However, what if the power outage lasts for a whole day or a few days? Then, it’s probably time to say goodbye to your food, right?

Fortunately, generators have come to the rescue to ensure that all your food remains fresh—no need for food or your money to go to waste.

5. Uninterrupted Home Office Work

Now that more people are working at home, it has become crucial that lights, computers, and internet connections stay running.

If you have a standby generator, you can stay connected and productive.

6. Continuous Power To Medical Equipment

Many require electricity to power their medical equipment. A standby generator will enable your medical equipment to runs as expected even when the power grid is down.


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It’s not easy to live in comfort without modern appliances and gadgets. Sometimes, a simple power outage can immediately leave you vulnerable to the weather, cause you to become unproductive, and break your routines.

But all these don’t have to happen as long as you have a standby generator. This machine will start running as soon as the power goes out, preventing power outages from ruining your day even for just a second.

However, if you decide to invest in one, be sure to find a standby generator that is suitable for your needs. On top of that, ask professional installers to help you set up your generator.

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Skylands Energy Service has what it takes to understand your backup generator needs. We can find the best make and model for you while working within your budget. We stand by the work that we perform by offering a guarantee. This way, we can ensure your complete satisfaction. Call Skylands Energy Service today to schedule a free, in-home estimate. Give us a call now!

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