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A Programmable Thermostat Can Help You Save On Energy Costs

image of Raritan NJ homeowner with programmable thermostat Did you know that your home heating and cooling expenses are accounting for up to half of your annual energy bill? In fact, the average household in America spends over $1,500 on their energy bills. However, you can save money. You can do this by getting yourself a programmable thermostat. Before you get one, here’s a few tips to consider.

Find Out How It Works

The Lawrence Berkeley National Lab discovered that over half of Americans don’t change their thermostat’s default settings. If they do, it is changed infrequently. Apparently, they don’t know how to do it. This is why they rarely or never change the settings. This is surprising because manuals and guides usually come with the thermostats. Additionally, you can just go on the internet and look up tutorials on different programmable thermostats. Unless you are 100% sure about how your thermostat works, then you won’t be able to save money on energy expenses. You can avoid this by finding out exactly how it works.

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The Thermostat’s Energy Saving Mode

If nobody is going to be in the home at certain times of the day, then set the thermostat to go back to energy saving mode. For example, dial down your programmable thermostat when you are going to be away from your house for hours at end. Do the same thing when night arrives. Adjust the thermostat by 5-8 degrees and before you know it, you’ll be enjoying lower energy bills.

The Hold Or Vacation Features

Use the hold and vacation feature properly, especially if you’re going to away for a long period of time. Energy Star mentioned that using this feature to regularly manage your energy consumption can actually lead to energy inefficiencies. If you want to avoid this issue, then set your thermostat a few degrees lower when you’re gone in the winter. In the summer, set the thermostat a few degrees higher. On the weekends, go ahead and use the hold or vacation feature, but only if nobody is going to be home.

Avoid Temperature Swings

Avoiding extreme temperature swings can can help you save on energy. Plus, continuously adjusting the temperature won’t cool your home or heat it up any faster. What you want to do is pay attention to how your thermostat is performing and make adjustments only when needed. By paying attention to this, you’ll know what is the best way to heat or cool your home in the shortest period of time.

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Inspect your thermostat regularly. If the batteries are dying, then replace them. Doing little things like that can play a role in keeping your heating and cooling expenses at bay.

Multiple Heating & Cooling Zones

Most households only have one thermostat. However, you can install more than one programmable thermostat if you want to save money on energy costs. This is because it creates cooling and heating zones within your home. This allows you to heat or cool the home more accurately. Just make sure you hire a professional to install any extra programmable thermostats.


Programmable Thermostat Raritan NJ

You can manage your energy consumption with a programmable thermostat. You could save well over a hundred dollars per year with the right programmable thermostat. If you keep the above tips in mind and implement them, then you could end up saving a significant amount of money on your energy costs.

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