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The Importance Of Properly Installed And Efficient Insulation In The Attic

attic insulationMany people don’t think about your home’s insulation until the temperature starts to drop. They start feeling cold drafts in the house. It is important to have efficient, properly installed insulation during the winter. Likewise, it is equally as important to have it during the summer. While the insulation keeps the cold air out during the winter, it will also keep the hot air out during the summer.

Most people forget about the insulation in their home because they never see it. When it comes to insulation, out of sight, out of mind, is more than just a saying. It is a reality. One very important place to have properly installed insulation is in the attic. When the attic is not insulated properly, it puts more wear and tear on the home’s central AC system. The air conditioning unit will need to work overtime.  To be sure that your attic is sufficiently insulated, spring is the best time to find out. This will ensure that your home is properly cooled during the hot summer months.

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Why Should You Insulate Your Attic?

insulation and AC maintenance in hackettstown njWhen you have little or no insulation in your attic, you are actually throwing money away. Most homeowners use their attic for storage. Therefore, they think that it doesn’t need to be insulated. These homeowners are wrong. A properly ventilated and insulated attic allows the homeowner to control the temperature. It also controls the moisture levels in the home all year long.

Typically, your heating and cooling bill accounts for more than half of your home’s energy costs. Since most of the heating and cooling loss happens in the attic, it is important to have it properly insulated. Make sure that your attic’s insulation is effective. This means checking the condition and the R-Value of the existing insulation. At least 20 percent of the cooled or heated air escapes through an improperly insulated attic.

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Check The R-Value Of Existing Insulation

The best way to be sure that your existing insulation is effective is by checking the R-Value of the insulation. The R-Value measures the insulation’s ability to resist the transfer of heat. While you can check the R-Value on your own, professionals work with insulation every day. Therefore, they can quickly and easily check the R-Values. It is important to understand that when the insulation is old, sparse, or missing, it will greatly reduce the R-Value.

Your insulation would need to have an R-Value of at least 30 to be effective. Attics with blown-in insulation need to have at least 8.5 inches of material covering the attic floor. The R-Value of your insulation is cumulative. This means that if you install new insulation over the existing insulation, it will increase the R-Value. While you are doing this, you should also reinforce the insulation around the doors, windows, and any other openings.

While you are in the attic checking the insulation, check the duct work. Wrap your ductwork with insulation to improve the efficiency of your HVAC system.


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Checking the integrity of your insulation and the R-Value of the insulation is very important. It reduces your energy bills but also protects your air conditioning system. When the unit does not need to work too hard to keep your home cool, it will last longer and require fewer repairs. Properly installed and properly functioning installation will keep the hot air out. This gives the air conditioning unit a bit of a rest. To protect your AC unit even further,  schedule an annual air conditioning tune-up. Doing so ensures that everything is running properly.

For trusted and professional air conditioner services, be sure to contact Skylands Energy. We offer affordable cooling and heating services which enhance the comfort of a home. It also is a great way to reduce heating and cooling costs. At this time of year, it is important to schedule an air conditioner tune-up. This will ensure that your cooling system runs properly throughout the hot weather. Call us today to schedule an appointment. Skylands Energy also offers many other home comfort services. Click here to learn more.

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