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Why Is My AC Blowing Hot Air?

Air Conditioner Blowing Hot Air Somerville New JerseyOne of the worst problems that can happen on a hot and humid summer day is to turn on your central cooling system, only to find that it is blowing hot air. If the conditions are really stifling or if you have health issues, that problem can become an emergency. Before you fly into utter panic, however, understand that there are many reasons why your cooling system is blowing hot air. In some cases, it is resolved easily. Some issues you can take care of by yourself. Others, however, will need the expertise of a professional to resolve. Here are some of the most common reason why your unit may not be cooling properly.

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Check The Thermostat

If the air coming out of the ducts, when the fan is blowing, is just slightly warm or simply not cool, check your thermostat settings. Homeowners often forget to change their settings over to the A/C side after winter. If you turn the unit on when the switch is flipped to heat, the unit will automatically blow warm air to maintain the temperature. Some thermostats also flip easily when bumped into, also causing a problem. Make a note to yourself and put it visible area to ensure that you switch the mode to cool at the proper time.

In addition, check the temperature setting. If it’s too high, your unit may also blow warm air. If your fan is set to “on” instead of “auto,” the unit will blow air continuously, even when the cooling system isn’t on. This setting can also cause the unit to blow warm air.

Is Your Air Filter Dirty?

dirty central air conditioner filter When was the last time you changed your air filter? The purpose of the AC’s air filter is to remove dirt from your environment. When it is clogged with too much dirt, air can’t move through it properly. A dirty air filter won’t cause warm air to blow, but it will significantly reduce your unit’s ability to cool.

Another thing that a dirty filter will do is cause the A/C condenser to freeze up. Some newer high-efficiency filters can also cause a unit to freeze.

What Happens If The A/C Freezes?

Yes, your air conditioner can blow hot air if the condenser coil is frozen solid. When this happens, it blocks cool air from flowing into the system. Instead of cool air, you are feeling the heat from the motor. Frozen condensers happen when condensation builds up on extremely hot days and you turn your unit on the highest setting. When your condenser freezes, turn off the entire unit and let it thaw. Try turning it on after several hours. If the unit freezes again, you’ll need professional help from an HVAC contractor.

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Refrigerant Leaks

Another common cause for A/C units to malfunction is refrigerant leaks. Often, you won’t see the leak. Usually, there isn’t an exact reason for the leak, but you’ll need a professional to remedy the situation. Typical problems include poor assembly and worn valves. Heavy usage can also cause a leak. To prevent this problem from happening, make sure your cooling system has an annual air conditioner tune-up each and every year.

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Faulty Compressor

The compressor’s job is to take refrigerant from the evaporator and turn it into high-pressure gas. This gas then goes to the condenser. When the compressor doesn’t operate as it should, the whole unit will fail. The most common reasons for compressor failure include:

  • electrical problems
  • refrigerant returning to the compressor
  • overheating

Other Problems

A number of other problems can cause your air conditioner to blow hot air. These include a blown breaker switch, faulty wiring, condenser issues, and compressor problems. Make sure you have a reliable heating and cooling expert come out to diagnose the problem.


AC Blowing Hot Air Somerville NJ

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