How High Efficiency Air Conditioning Works 

We install energy efficient cooling systems in residential and commercial properties. Learn the advantages of high efficiency air conditioners that help reduce your cooling costs while keeping your home or business comfortable during hot, humid New Jersey summers.

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Benefits Of Installing A High Efficiency Air Conditioner

More than half of the energy used in a typical NJ home goes to heating and cooling. That’s why it is imperative to make smart decisions about your home’s HVAC system.

We are more concerned with energy consumption now than ever before.  New appliances are more energy efficient today than even a few years ago, including air conditioning systems. This results in delivering quality performance while minimizing the use of energy.

Purchasing a new high efficiency air conditioner will decrease your electric bills. Additionally, your family will experience a quieter system, improved air flow, longer operating life, better environmental impact, and much more.

Is Time To Replace Your AC? Learn How To Identify When Your System Needs To Be Replaced.

Exceptional Compressors Make Air Conditioner Units Efficient

Nowadays AC systems are being built with energy ratings up to 23 SEER which make them extremely energy efficient. These systems operate with exceptional variable compressors that help maintain the optimal comfort level by turning on and off as little as often.

The key to keeping comfortable and optimal indoor temperatures lies inside the outdoor condensing unit and in the indoor variable speed blower motor. The compressor on these high efficient AC units can variably control the flow of refrigerant and airflow going through your system.

This chart helps to illustrate how temperature is maintained and how a minimal amount of energy is used to keep the temperature consistent over long periods of time. See how much more energy a basic AC system consumes!

Temperatures HE vs Standard AC
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High Efficiency vs. Standard Air Conditioning

High Efficiency AC vs standard

There are many advantages of using a high efficiency air conditioner versus a standard air conditioning unit. A high efficiency air conditioner will reduce your home cooling costs while keeping your home much more comfortable. Additionally, new systems use refrigerant that is environmentally friendly.

Why Homeowners Should Consider Changing Their Window AC For High Efficiency Air Conditioning

AC window unit

Window air conditioning units are extremely inefficient and can spike your energy costs. Furthermore, they are not effective at cooling your home down.  They generate hot and cold spots, are loud, eliminate the use of a window and do not control indoor humidity levels. Ductless air conditioning is a great option for those looking to upgrade from window AC units.

High Efficiency Air Conditioning Filters

Air conditioning filter

Central air conditioners require filters to operate correctly. While the market offers many kinds of air filters, most homeowners do not understand how to choose a good filter. If you know what to look for when you shop for air filters, it is much easier to select the correct one for your AC system. Learn more here.

Our team of experts can assess your current cooling needs and recommend the best equipment for your home. Schedule now a free in-home consultation with our technicians.

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Thermo Pride is a leader in the cooling industry since 1946. These AC systems are made in the US and come with strong warranties. When you purchase a Thermo Pride, you get performance, comfort and efficiency.

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The Heil QuietComfort® series of air conditioners will keep you and your family cool during the hottest days of the summer. Heil® products include the extra care and technology for comfortable and quiet operation in your home.

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Mitsubishi ductless air conditioners are the best solutions for individually zoned rooms and areas in your home. Perfect for renovations, additions as well as new construction applications. They are extremely energy efficient and quiet.

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