Thermo Pride 

For over 70 years, Thermo Pride has been widely recognized as the premiere brand in the industry. When you purchase a Thermo Pride, you know you are getting the highest quality heating system that is built to last! You will be proud to own a Thermo Pride.

Lifetime Comfort with Thermo Pride

70 years of producing the highest quality comfort products to complete customer satisfaction. Thermo Pride heating products are historically rated the best in the industry for many reasons:

  • Oil and gas heating systems
  • Handcrafted products with hometown values
  • High quality and efficiency
  • Quiet operation
  • Durable comfort
  • ENERGY STAR® qualified products
  • Residential and Commercial use
  • Made in the USA
Thermo Pride Home
Thermo Pride house

Handcrafted Products With Hometown Values

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Thermo warranty

Outstanding Warranties

  1. The heat exchanger carries a Limited Lifetime Warranty which states that if the heat exchanger becomes defective, Thermo Pride will provide at its option either a replacement heat exchanger or the necessary repair parts on a no charge basis.
  2. Thermo Pride furnaces also come with a 10-year parts warranty (units sold on or after September 1, 2008).

Hand Built

Oil Furnace Series

Thermo Pride products are hand built in the USA with the focus on high quality and efficiency to provide the best heating and cooling systems. With over 70 years of experience in the industry, Thermo Pride is also proud to carry Energy Star qualified products. This certificate proves our commitment with the environment through superior energy efficiency.

Energy Star Thermo Pride
ThermoPride HighBoy

Highboy Furnaces

OH6 & OH8 Series

ThermoPride LowBoy

Lowboy Furnaces

OL5, OL6, OL11, OL16, OL20, OL33, OL37 & OL39 Series

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