How Generators Work 

  1. There is an interruption in electrical power from the local utility provider.
  2. Home backup power generators sense when there is a power outage in your home.
  3. Once the system senses the outage, the generators automatically turns on, delivering backup electricity to your home.
  4. The backup power will continue to be delivered until the local utility power is restored, a few hours later or a few weeks later.

1. Electrical Power Is Lost

It doesn’t matter how the electricity to your home was disrupted. It may have been due to a storm, perhaps an equipment malfunction at PSE&G or PECO, perhaps a squirrel chewed through an electric line. Regardless of the reason why, the electricity you depend on is suddenly gone.


2. Your Generac Backup Generator Detects The Outage

Automatically, within a matter of a few seconds, your Generac generator detects the power outage to your home and prepares to restore the electricity.

3. The Generator Automatically Turns On

It doesn’t matter if you are home or away, once the Generac backup generator detects the outage, it will be up and running within a few seconds.


4. Electricity Is Restored

The automatic transfer switch sends electricity from your Generac generator to your home. The generator will continue to deliver power to your home until the local utilities fix the problem and the utility power returns.

Generac Backup Power Generators Provide Safety And Peace Of Mind

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