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Skylands Energy Service is a full service heating and air conditioning contractor. We service residential and commercial properties in Little York, NJ. Take a look at the map and reviews below to see the high level of quality service we do for furnace, boiler and air conditioner repairs in Little York.

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Heater and Air Conditioner Repairs

We handle all types of repairs on heating and air conditioning systems. Our technicians are trained to repair all makes and models of equipment. We’ll get your home comfortable quickly. Give us a call, it doesn’t matter if we originally installed your system or not.

Heating and Cooling Tune-Ups

Maintaining your heater and/or air conditioner is important for several reasons. First, it helps to keep the equipment running at its optimal efficiency levels. Second, regular maintenance will pro-long its lifespan. Give us a call to discuss your needs.

Heating and AC Installations

If you need a new HVAC system installed, we can help. We install the best and most reliable brands. We will visit with you in your home to assess your needs and then will provide you a free, written estimate. you’ll know exactly how much it will cost.

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Where is my heating or cooling system filter located ?
When it comes to your Little York cooling and heating unit, you need to know that your forced air system has an air filter that must be replaced. Be sure that you are aware of where and effective ways to do that.

A clean air filter is critical to your unit’s health. Be sure to switch out dirty filters.

Dirty filters can majorly ruin your system. They also lower efficiency levels, develop indoor air pollution, and your home will absolutely not feel as comfortable.

Make sure that you locate your return air duct or blower compartment. This is typically where you can locate your air filter.

Its specific location guarantees that your air handler will only get filtered, clean air.

This allows clean air in your house and protects against dust and other particles from collecting inside your duct system.

How much time do I wait before I should replace my thermostat?
Mostly, you will have an idea of when you should replace your thermostat. It will produce temperature swings in your house. One minute, your home will feel uncomfortably hot and the next, it will feel cold. When you recognize temperature fluctuations, then often this can be a sign of a malfunctioning thermostat. This is a good time to look into a replacement. Would most people look at your thermostat to be outdated? If this is the situation, then it is most likely time to replace it. In the past, thermostats used mercury to gauge the temperature in your home. This method has been replaced. There are newer designs on the market that are digital. Newer thermostats have shown to be more correct and therefore, will keep your house much more comfortable. Programmable thermostats, specially, can help in reducing energy use which, in turn, reduces your home energy expenses.

What qualities in a great boiler repair company make it stand out from the others?
Some boiler repair companies are much better than some other ones. You want a repair company that is considered reputable, skilled, and reliable. A boiler isn’t very easy to fix since it is such a complex device. You want someone with the suitable amount of experience together with a very good reputation to back all those years of experience. Be sure that you take your feeling of them into consideration. Ask questions and check to see if they make the effort to resolve them. If they act hurried, then they are not the company that you are seeking. A trustworthy contractor will come to your Little York home to provide an estimation.Because of this, you won’t be able to just randomly find anyone online and go with them. Find someone who has the practical experience, abilities, and great reputation to be able to take care of your boiler properly. Be sure that they appropriately reply to your questions and take the time to clarify what is happening with your hydronic system. Furthermore, a Little York HVAC service provider that is truly worth contemplating will offer you a physical quote.

Be suspicious of any HVAC company that attempts to offer you with a price quote over the phone. Be sure to check and make sure that they can service boilers because your home has one. Be sure that the company that you are interested in offers valued solutions. A Little York company in the boiler repair industry should offer strategies that will help make your house much more energy efficient. Be sure to check out the company’s licenses and certifications to make sure they are valid.

My air conditioner is operating peculiar and must be fixed. What can I expect it to amount to?
They have a range but they typically cost, on average, about $326.00. An air conditioning system repair can fall in the range from $165.00 as much as $507.00. The data for normal air conditioner repair charges were derived from reputable HVAC companies throughout the year. These standard prices are not uncommon in the state of New Jersey. Having said that, it really depends on what is wrong with your cooling system. We are able to really help you find the best strategy. Give us a phone call to talk about your options. Every one of our assessments are free of charge and our service technicians will not undertake any repairs unless you give them the go-ahead!

Do I need an air conditioner compressor repair or replacement?
Make sure that you employ the services of a qualified Little York HVAC contractor to diagnose whatever is wrong with your compressor. Compressors are complicated devices inside the air conditioner and they are quite expensive to change out. You want a competent and trustworthy HVAC licensed contractor to provide you an accurate diagnosis. Often a compressor may appear like it has to be replaced and HVAC service providers are quick to tell a property owner this. However, there are many times where it may seem like the compressor is acting up when, in truth, there is another issue going on. If, in fact, it is your compressor, then it is definitely worth replacing if it is still covered by the warranty. A warranty will fund a brand new compressor. You will need to take care of the cost of labor. If you discover that your manufacturer’s warranty is expired and does not take care of the cost of replacing your compressor, then you will need to make a decision of whether or not it is worth replacing it. In some cases it is well worth buying a new unit altogether. If your system is old, more than ten years old, then it might be worth replacing your entire unit. It is a good idea to review your options with a reputable HVAC service provider like Skylands Energy Service.

How do you have an idea if an HVAC company is a good one or not?
Conduct a little homework. Make certain that you only pick out a company that has certified HVAC professionals. Be sure that they possess the necessary licensing and insurance coverage. A contractor can genuinely understand what is happening with your system and provide an estimate only after he has thoroughly examined your system. Do not select a company that tries to give you an estimate over the phone. Online reviews say a lot about a company. Make sure that the one that you intend on hiring has the credibility and reputation that clearly reveals a pattern of quality work. If you see any warnings, then you know that this is not the company for you. When you have inquiries about your system, a qualified company will address them completely and make sure that they explain every single answer to you so that you can understand exactly what is taking place.

Are air conditioning service contracts really worth it?
Many Little York individuals have been considerably happy with committing to an air conditioning unit service contract. The professional services incorporated in an air conditioning contract help your air conditioning system operate at top performance. A service contract includes repair service. This way, if your cooling system were to malfunction, you won’t have to pay the expensive repair costs typically linked with a breakdown. You will be top priority when your air conditioner breaks down. This way, you won’t need to deal with a scorching house for long. Some contracts feature emergency service which is nice when it is blazing hot outside. Generally speaking, a service contract guarantees that your system will work well and more energy efficiently.

Not all service contracts are the same. They each provide a wide range of things. If you are interested in signing a contract, be sure to carefully read through it first. Be sure that it offers what you are looking for. Some air conditioner service contracts do not provide the cleaning your evaporative coils while many others do include it. Be sure to read the fine print and ask questions.

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