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Skylands Energy Service is a full service heating and air conditioning contractor. We service residential and commercial properties in Chestnut, NJ. Take a look at the map and reviews below to see the high level of quality service we do for furnace, boiler and air conditioner repairs in Chestnut.

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Heater and Air Conditioner Repairs

We handle all types of repairs on heating and air conditioning systems. Our technicians are trained to repair all makes and models of equipment. We’ll get your home comfortable quickly. Give us a call, it doesn’t matter if we originally installed your system or not.

Heating and Cooling Tune-Ups

Maintaining your heater and/or air conditioner is important for several reasons. First, it helps to keep the equipment running at its optimal efficiency levels. Second, regular maintenance will pro-long its lifespan. Give us a call to discuss your needs.

Heating and AC Installations

If you need a new HVAC system installed, we can help. We install the best and most reliable brands. We will visit with you in your home to assess your needs and then will provide you a free, written estimate. you’ll know exactly how much it will cost.

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I just purchased a house. Where should I search for my HVAC filter?
One of the most crucial aspects for a Chestnut forced air cooling and heating system, is the specific location of the air filter.

Your air filter does a lot to promote the health of your HVAC system. Thus, be sure to switch it out when you see that it is dirty.

There are many benefits that emerge from of changing out your air filter. Your unit will be more efficient and so you will enjoy decreased home cooling and heating costs. Your air will be far healthier and your house will feel far more comfortable.

Your air filter is oftentimes found inside the return air duct or what is referred to as the blower compartment.

Its specific location ensures that your air handler will only get purified, clean air.

A clean air filter helps prolong your HVAC system’s life expectancy. It minimizes dust from gathering and it greatly improves indoor air quality.

What do I have to review when trying to find a brand new HVAC unit?
The answer to a question like this is based on your situation. There are many different labels that are top of the line. These include Heil, Energy Kinetics, Mitsubishi, Peerless, Thermopride, among others. They are all really worth looking into due to the fact that they are all unique. This way, you can easily find one that meets your needs. An HVAC unit has to be of high quality. Be sure to take this into consideration when shopping around. This is an investment that has to be reliable, durable, and very energy efficient. Because of this, make sure to select a unit that really offers what you are trying to find.

As discussed earlier, each circumstance is different. For example, for additions, a ductless system seems to work better than installing a new system. Not only does the brand name matter, but the Chestnut HVAC service provider that you pick to install your system is just as crucial. Irrespective of what brand you invest in, if a heating or cooling system is installed improperly, the brand name won’t make a difference. A poorly installed unit is exactly as bad as using an old, out-of-date unit. This is simply because it will have serious efficiency complications since it will use far more power to keep your home comfortable. Similarly, it will not do a good job at keeping your house comfortable. A reputable HVAC company in Chestnut, like Skylands Energy Service, should be able to help you to select the best heating and cooling system for your house. They should also have the ability to install it properly.

Why do I have to think about SEER when buying a brand new system?

THE SEER rating is vital for the reason that it is the measurement of cooling efficiency that a heat pump or air conditioning system has. It is calculated by getting the cooling output, or the capacity output, throughout a regular cooling season. Then the level of energy input is needed. The cooling output is divided by the energy input to compute SEER. Essentially, the greater the SEER rating, the less power that this system uses to keep your residence cool. When you need to search for the SEER rating, you can find it on the yellow sticker which is identified as “energy guide”. You can also locate the SEER rating if you can find the sticker label with the model number and the serial number on it. This is also referred to as the manufacturer’s sticker. The SEER rating is inserted in the model number. As an example, if the model number starts with 13AC, then you have determined that this specific model has a SEER rating of 13.

When is the best time to replace my thermostat?
It is necessary to replace a thermostat when you suspect that is just isn’t functioning right. The temperature levels in your residence will not feel even. You will feel hot and cold. Temperature swings are usually the initial indicator that your thermostat is going out. This is a great time to replace your thermostat. If your property uses an old or outdated thermostat, then it is a good idea to update it. If your thermostat uses mercury to determine the temperature in your house, then it is outdated. The more recent, digital models do not use mercury and they do a much better job at keeping your house comfortable. Programmable thermostats, for instance, offer a few advantages to the property owner. They make your residence feel far more comfortable and they can help in reducing home heating and cooling charges.

Why is HVAC routine maintenance crucial?
Countless property owners question the value of maintaining their heating system or air conditioner. Maintaining your HVAC system functions like purchasing car. When you buy a car, you comprehend that it needs maintenance every “x” total amount of miles, like oil changes. Would you buy a new car and not give it oil changes? No, probably not. Your cooling and heating system is quite similar to this.

Despite how new or aged your system is, it needs to be maintained. Your equipment is going to perform better and have increased energy efficiency. A poorly maintained system necessitates far more energy to perform its purpose. A maintained system develops better air quality. When you care for your equipment, you will observe less dust and allergens in your property. The levels of indoor air pollution are greater in residences that do not take care of their system. It causes respiratory troubles, asthma, and even more.

Premature replacement of your heating and cooling system will be eliminated when it is maintained for the reason that your system will last as long as it is supposed to. Since your system will be working in excellent condition, you will need to take care of much less repairs and the costs linked with it. The best way to look at it is that when you care for your HVAC system, then it costs you much less to utilize it and fix it.

My furnace requires repair. What should I count on to pay?
Furnace repair varies from one situation to the next. The normal for a large number of heating system repair is approximately $268.00. It can range from $135.00 all the way up to $422.00. These price ranges were gathered from HVAC service providers who disclosed their job costs. The project costs are quite comparable in New Jersey. It is crucial to bear in mind that every furnace repair job is different and this will create variety with these numbers. If you really want answers about your furnace repair, be sure to contact us to discuss it. Take advantage of our free estimates from a highly certified HVAC contractor by calling us today.

I need a reliable boiler repair company. What should I look for?
Not all boiler maintenance and repair companies are made equally. You want the one that is the absolute best. Boilers are complicated devices and they typically aren’t easy to fix. You want to have someone who is recognized for their boiler repair service expertise. Be sure that they have the reputation to back it up. A reliable company will make sure that they answer your concerns about your system and will do so in a manner that you will be able to appreciate. The type of estimation that a company uses is a sign of what style of service provider they are. They need to only perform assessments at your Chestnut home.Consequently, you cannot just randomly find anyone on the internet and choose them. Find someone who has the experience, abilities, and great reputation to be competent to handle your boiler suitably. Check that they appropriately respond to your questions and make the effort to clarify what is happening with your hydronic equipment. The type of assessment that a company delivers is a sign of what kind of company they are. They need to only perform estimations at your Chestnut residence.

Be skeptical of any HVAC company that tries to give you with a price quote over the phone. Confirm that they are proficient in boiler maintenance and repair. An HVAC service company should go above and beyond the call of duty and special offer useful choices. A credible Chestnut boiler maintenance and repair company will definitely offer the best energy efficient solutions to your problems. Make sure to check out the company’s licenses and certifications to make sure they are up-to-date.

Why would I sign up for a heating system service contract?
This is a tough question to respond to for the reason that it really depends on the contract. Heating commitments vary from one company to another therefore it is necessary to thoroughly comprehend what they are selling well before you commit to a heating service contract. Maintenance is often provided in a heating contract. This includes a heating system tune-up which implies that they fully go over your system. Some contracts include parts and service if your system were to become defective. Unexpected emergency professional service is also included in several contracts.

They offer you top priority in the event that your system were to break down so that you don’t have to deal with a cold house in the middle of the Chestnut winter. Some contracts provide more services. These contracts often end up costing more. The absolute best means to establish whether a heating contract is worth it is if the price for the contract offsets the repair carried out on your heating system. Regardless, always make sure that you search for the most reputable company to do all of maintenance and repair work on your HVAC equipment. They must display the qualities that you would choose out of a good company. They need to be honest and competent. You want them to be trustworthy simply because you are placing a considerable amount of trust in them.

How do I locate the best home heating and air conditioning repair service in close proximity to me?
You can discover a great deal about a company by conducting a little bit of research on them. A professional HVAC company will have only certified technicians working for them. Be sure that they have the proper licensing and insurance. Be sure that they perform their estimates at your home after checking out your system. If a company tries to give you an estimate over the phone, then they are not the company that you are searching for. The reputation that can be found through online reviews claims a good deal about a service provider. Be sure that the company that you are interested has a good one. If you see any warnings, then you know that this is not the company for you. Trust your gut. Most people who didn’t trust their gut admit that they had an idea that they didn’t trust when they worked with an HVAC company that didn’t produce high quality work due to the fact that of the red flags that they saw online or how rushed and inattentive they were in person.

For what purpose should I consider signing an air conditioner service contract?
Air conditioning service contracts can possibly be very useful to get through the sizzling summers. Chestnut homeowners acknowledge being much more comfortable when committing to one. These contracts serve to help your A/C system perform at its best even during the peak of the summer. If your air conditioner were to break down, the repair service is usually involved in the agreement. No one wants to cope with an air conditioner that is broken in the middle of the summer. When you sign up for an air conditioner service contract, your repair needs are prioritized by the service company so you don’t have to deal with a hot house for too long. There are many contracts that include emergency service. This gives you access to an HVAC contractor any time of the day. Overall, a service contract ensures that your system will work well and more energy efficiently.

Each service company has different air conditioning service contracts. They differ in the types of services that they provide. This is why it is crucial to go through the agreement to comprehend what is included and precisely what is not. For instance, a number of service contracts include the cleaning together with maintenance of your evaporative coils. Some service contracts do not include this. Be sure to study the fine print and ask questions.

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