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What To Consider Before Your Next Air Conditioner Installation

air conditioning installation service in a raritan nj homeWhen your home is in need of an AC installation or a complete air conditioner replacement, there are many options available from which to choose. In fact, you may have already discovered that specific alternatives are better than others. To decide which option is most appropriate for your dwelling, you should contact Skylands Energy.

Our staff of NATE-certified, experienced technicians thoroughly understand how to meet the specific cooling needs that you have. They know the best ways to achieve a comfortable home, even in the most adverse of weather.

We adhere to your budget, while at the same time prioritizing comfort and energy efficiency. Our experienced and skilled air conditioning technicians provide the best services in the area. By working with us, you will immediately discover that we offer honest pricing and that our employees are both professional and friendly. Skylands Energy services businesses and homes in Raritan, NJ and the surrounding areas. To schedule a free, in-home consultation, give us a call.

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Air Conditioning Solutions

There are many options when you are in search of solutions for your home’s air conditioning system. These include window AC units, central air conditioners, and ductless air conditioning systems.

Today’s market offers a vast array of air-conditioning systems to choose from. However, there are three primary options from which most homeowners want. These include mini-split ductless air conditioners, central air conditioning systems, and window air conditioning units. There are advantages and disadvantages associated with each alternative. If you are a homeowner, it is always wise to discover everything you can about each option before finalizing your decision. Below are a few of the pros and cons associated with each system.

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Window AC Units

window air conditionerWindow air conditioners have a few distinct benefits not offered by other systems. They are easy to install and are typically the most cost-effective option (initially). You can mount them in a window opening or on an exterior wall.


Nevertheless, they also have several disadvantages. Arguably, the biggest of these is the fact that they are only capable of cooling a single, modest size room. If your objective is to lower the temperature in many areas of your home, a separate unit is necessary for each area. For this reason, this option can become quite costly in a short amount of time. In specific instances, the installation of a window AC unit is not even a possibility. For example, if a room does not have a window, it will be impossible to install the unit.

Additionally, such units are quite noisy, as they house both the evaporator and condenser. Therefore, if you choose this option, you must deal with continuous noise.

A window AC unit will also block out natural light, making it an inferior option in a room with only one window. It will be necessary to light the room with artificial light during the day, thus increasing your energy bill. Such units are also rather expensive to run, mainly if they must run for significant lengths of time. This situation can further increase the energy costs of your home.

Window ACs also come with security and health risks. They are a poor choice concerning health. They quickly allow the buildup of harmful substances, such as bacteria, mold, and mildew. Also, they are easily disassembled by burglars, who can quickly gain entrance to the dwelling through the unlocked window.

When you consider the facts outlined above, it is not difficult to see why window air conditioners are inefficient and risky in the long run. For this reason, you may opt for the professional installation of a ductless system or central air unit instead.

Central Air Conditioners

central air conditionerCentral ACs are a favorite among many American consumers. They perform well and are typically very reliable. Regardless of the temperature outside, you can maintain a consistent temperature within your dwelling. This option allows you to enjoy a comfortable home any time of the year.

Another advantage of central air systems is that you can use their ductwork for both heating and cooling. They also come with a highly efficient filtration system, which enhances your home’s air quality. If your dwelling already features ductwork, the initial central air conditioner installation cost is much less than other AC options.


Central air conditioners come with certain disadvantages, as is the case with any system. For instance, if your dwelling does not already feature ductwork, an elaborate air duct system must be installed. This project calls for major construction and is quite expensive. It is incredibly time-consuming, requiring the home’s occupants to live in a construction zone. Projects like this usually require rebuilding of walls and ceilings. Ducts need to be set in place and much more. Additionally, maintenance is needed for ductwork, such as regular cleaning to prevent the buildup of mold and bacteria in the system.

Energy Use

Systems of this kind also use a substantial amount of energy. Their energy use will make your energy bills increase drastically, especially during extreme outdoor temperatures. Furthermore, such units must be installed appropriately by an experienced HVAC technician, as the proper size is significant.

It is essential to remember that closing off vents is not a good idea with such systems, as this stresses the unit. All of the vents must be left open at all times, thus cooling areas of your home that are not in use. Naturally, you can expect a higher energy bill if you must cool the entire house. Also, if the conditioned air escapes through the ducts, extra energy is lost. Leaky ducts are not uncommon with central systems.

Additional Considerations

Central air conditioning systems provide excellent value for the money, even when you consider all the disadvantages. With HVAC systems of this kind, you can enjoy maximum comfort within your home and higher indoor air quality. Ultimately, ductless AC systems are the most energy efficient and comfortable option for residential homes.

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Ductless Air Conditioners

ductless air conditionerDuctless air conditioners — also referred to as mini-split ductless air conditioning systems– are a terrific cooling option. Ducts are not necessary, as the system has an air handler and an evaporator. The technician places the air handler inside the home and places the condenser outside. Electrical cables and refrigerant tubing are used to connect the two components to each other and only require a 3-inch hole.

This type of system is easy to install. The HVAC tech installs the air handler on the ceiling or inner wall of the room and then places the condenser outdoors. Experienced technicians understand how to complete such work, and keep the air handler out of the way of people and furniture.

You can choose from several installation methods, and complicated construction is not necessary. Fortunately, during the installation process or at a later date and time, you can add as many zones as necessary to adequately cool your home.

Energy Efficient Cooling

ductless AC systemDuctless air conditioners offer higher energy efficiency than window AC units or central air systems. For example, you can choose which rooms to cool and turn the unit off in rooms/zones that are not in use. Therefore, your energy bills do not increase as they do with central air systems or window units. Also, ductless systems feature sophisticated filtration systems and high SEER ratings. Your home’s air quality will improve over time, and you will enjoy year-round comfort. Nevertheless, it is crucial to hire an experienced HVAC tech to help you choose the most appropriate AC system for your home.


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