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Bi-level homes, that are characteristic of the town of Randolph, NJ may deal with the same type of circumstances that the Blauvelts went through. The Blauvelts were dealing with an old and outdated boiler that was under-performing. They also realized that their boiler was leaking water.

This is common with old boiler heating systems because as they age, they become less efficient and less effective at keeping a house warm and the water heated. This means that the home will not feel as comfortable as it should. Furthermore, homeowner’s energy costs will rise because the heating system has to work harder.

The Blauvelts needed a boiler replacement Randolph NJ and they gave us a call to see what they should do. Our solution was to replace their old, inefficient heater with a high efficiency boiler. We installed a Peerless WBV-03 T.

Old boilers present many problems. Your home will not feel as warm or comfortable. Furthermore, you will not have water that is heated appropriately. In some cases, such as the one the Blauvelts experienced, the boiler can get so bad that it leaks. If undetected, this can cause a secondary set of problems such as water damage to your home. Their boiler was taking a long time to heat their home. Modern boiler systems produce heat instantly.

At night, the Blauvelts would question whether had hot water or not. Furthermore, they had to deal with frequent boiler repairs in the last 2 years. Their boiler was using far more fuel than necessary. So, between the repairs costs that accumulated and the excess fuel use, it became expensive to keep using their current boiler. This is why they decided that it was time to invest in a new boiler.

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Peerless WBV-03 T boiler installation

Problem: The Blauvelts live in a bi-level family home located in Randolph, NJ. They had an old, under-performing boiler that needed to be replaced. Their old boiler was heating their home and water unreliably. Furthermore, they have accumulated a high number of expensive repair costs in the last couple of years.

Solution: The Blauvelts knew that the time had come to replace their boiler. They originally had a Utica SF-415OWT which was replaced with an exceptionally energy efficient Peerless WBV-03 T heating system. Skylands Energy did the installation as well as the retrofitting for all new piping and wiring.

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The Blauvelts can now rely on their new boiler to heat their home comfortably and without exhausting their bank account. They know that their home will stay nice and warm all throughout the cold season. They can take nice hot showers at any time of the day. They will save approximately 21% in energy costs throughout the year. They were previously burning about 850 gallons per year and now they are expected to burn 675 gallons per year.

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