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10 Silent Signs Your House Has Major Plumbing Problems

image of a water leak in house

We have all experienced lying in bed late one night and suddenly hearing the faucet dripping or the swirling noise from a running toilet. These are common indicators of a plumbing problem. However, it can be challenging to determine when you have a potential plumbing emergency when the problem doesn’t make any noise. Read on to know about ten silent warning signs that point to major plumbing problems that need a plumbing repair before it becomes an emergency.

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Major Plumbing Problems To Keep An Eye Out For

Discolored Plumbing Pipes

Take a peek at the pipes the next time you poke under your kitchen sink or go to your basement. Check for any discoloration, especially around a connection. Discolorations are a strong indicator of moisture. This might be due to a dripping drain or sink line or a more severe problem, like a slow leak in the supply line. If it is because of a slow leak, put this at the top of your to-do list. A slow leak will likely turn into a big mess quickly because plumbing supply lines are pressurized. Therefore, contact a plumber immediately.

Sewer Odor

image of a sewer smell in home

A general rule in plumbing is that all drains need a trap and each trap requires a vent. The traps and drains are designed to keep sewer gas from getting inside your home. The vents in your home should reroute the sewer odor to the roof. On the other hand, drain traps build a “water plug” that operates like a barrier to prevent sewer odors from entering the sink drain.

When sewer gas permeates your home, it could be because of a cracked vent line or a dry trap. Refill a trap that has run dry with water to repair it, or you might have to examine it for leaks. It can be very difficult to find a cracked sewer vent as this component is usually enclosed in a wall. Therefore, some drywall surgery is needed to find and repair the issue.

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Weak Water Flow in Multiple Locations

weak water flow from faucet and low water pressure

Low water pressure or a slow stream can point to a distribution issue. If the problem only happens in one area, it’s typically because of a faucet aerator issue. The good news is that this is easy to fix. However, low water pressure in several locations around your home can be because of a bigger problem.

There could be a problem with the water main or hot water heater in this case. Even worse, there could be an active leak in the supply line. If other issues in this list (like bubbling wall paint) are present alongside low water pressure, you must immediately take action.

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Slow Drain

It isn’t surprising that a slow drain indicates a plumbing problem. The repair depends on the location of the problem. For instance, it can be easily removed if the clog is near the drain. It can be tricky if the issue is farther down the line and needs significant snaking to fix it. Fortunately, a little detective work helps pinpoint the problem. Cleaning a simple clog is an excellent do-it-yourself fix. However, slow drains around your home are often a sign of a major issue, such as tree roots in the sewer line.

No Water in Winter

frozen and burst water pipe

It is likely that you have frozen pipes if the water pressure suddenly drops or completely stops in the middle of winter. This is a major problem that needs to be resolved right away.
Pipes that have frozen are a prevalent issue in homes where the supply lines run through a crawl space, an attic, or other unheated areas. A frozen pipe problem poses the biggest danger when the ice thaws.

The ice acts as a plug, keeping the water from rushing out any splits that might have happened. If you suspect that you have this problem, go through the troubleshooting steps carefully and prepare to handle a leak. You might get lucky, and the ice on your frozen pipes melt without issue, as copper pipes can expand a little without bursting. However, you might not get as lucky next time, so it is best to take the steps to fix the situation right away.

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Spiking Water Bills

A sudden increase in your water bill adds more than just a strain on your wallet. It also points to a change in your plumbing system. If there isn’t anything that can explain the increase in your water consumption, such as watering your lawn more than usual or filling up a pool, begin troubleshooting to determine if there is a leak. However, it is always recommended to call a professional plumber instead. They are equipped with specialized tools to locate hard-to-find leaks.

A running toilet is the most common culprit behind a water bill spike. Many homeowners don’t recognize the amount of water a toilet uses. A running toilet means that the toilet valve is like a garden hose at full blast. It isn’t unusual that a single running toilet wastes water worth hundreds of dollars. Therefore, call a plumber right away to fix all leaks.

Bubbling Ceiling or Wall Paint

water and mold on ceiling due to leaking water pipe

A ceiling or wall paint that suddenly bubbles or peels off is often a sign of moisture. The common reason is a leak in either the plumbing system or the roof. It is time to investigate what’s wrong when you notice that the paint is blistering or bubbling or brown spots appear on a wall or ceiling. The best course of action is to call a plumber to help you.

Green Patch in the Yard

Another common sign of a sewer problem is a section in your yard is greener than the areas surrounding it. This is particularly true if the patch is between the street and your house, as this is the most common path for a city sewer line. A leaky sewer drain also creates sunken areas in your yard because the additional water causes the dirt around them to compact. Invasive tree roots or degrading materials can cause this issue. This silent damage wreaking havoc on your plumbing system’s outside portion must be resolved immediately.

Wobbly Toilet

wobbly toilet

A toilet that wobbles when you sit on it indicates that something is wrong. The best scenario is that you only need to tighten the seat. However, examine the bolts holding the toilet to the floor if the bowl is wobbling. If the bolts are tight, but the bowl still wobbles, it is likely that the wax seal around the toilet drain has failed, and water is dissolving the sub-floor. You need to contact a plumber for toilet replacement or reseating.

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Shocking Water Color

Something isn’t quite right if the water coming out of your faucets is not clear. Excessively cloudy water is typically due to air in the pipes, and brown or yellow water is a sign of rust. You should note that, at times, water that’s already tainted by these materials can come into your home. For instance, older systems in nearby homes can have a surge of rust when the fire department flushes the hydrants. Although less frequently seen, water might also have a green tint caused by substantial corrosion of copper pipes. Water discoloration is a sign that you should call a plumber to check your system right away. Pipes in this state of degradation typically start leaking outside the system fairly quickly.

Moreover, if you have a water softener and start seeing discoloration or mineral accumulation reappear, you might need to book water softener repair and/or maintenance.


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