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Common Plumbing Myths Dispelled

Updated: August 19, 2020
plumbing facts vs myths

Everybody knows about the hilarious childhood game called “Telephone” in which a funny limerick or sentence is whispered by a person into the ear of the individual sitting next to them. As this same sentence is repeatedly whispered over and over again and passed from person to person, its original meaning becomes distorted until an entirely new sentence or limerick is formed. Even as adults, we see that this is how rumors are spread. This is certainly the case with plumbing myths. While you can never know just where misinformation starts, we can start setting the record straight right now.

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Common Plumbing Myths Dispelled

This article discusses some common plumbing myths and the actual truth behind them.

Thomas Crapper

For starters, Thomas Crapper did not invent the modern toilet. Instead, he improved the overall functionality of the existing toilet design. Moreover, the company that he built, Thomas Crapper & Company, happened to own the very first showroom in all the world for baths, toilets, and sinks. After getting that small piece of trivia taken care of, we’re ready to move on.

Garbage Disposals

image of woman noticing bad odor in garbage disposal

You may be under the impression that the best way to deal with garbage disposal odors is to toss in a piece of fresh orange, lemon, or another citrus fruit. Sadly, this is hardly the truth. While this might temporarily freshen the space, it could result in the loss of overall functionality for this appliance.

Even though a garbage disposal is capable of breaking citrus fruit down, this does not mean that citrus fruit should be placed in here. These fruits have a high acidity that can rust out the drain mechanism. It can cause corrosion throughout the entire unit. Additionally, citrus fruit is prone to rotting, just like any other food. Although it might smell pleasant for a minute or two, it will ultimately wind up adding to your problem with foul odors.

So what would the best solution be? Simple! Mix hot water with some of the inexpensive white vinegar that you already have in your kitchen. This will kill just about anything in your garbage disposal that’s emitting a foul odor. You should also note that ice cubes absolutely cannot sharpen the blades in your garbage disposal. (Where do myths like these come from?)

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Exploding Water Heaters

One other insane rumor is that hot water heaters can explode spontaneously. Sure, you might hear a minor banging noise or a low grumbling coming from this appliance, but the reality is that this is the only sediment that has collected in the tank and that is currently moving its way through the unit towards the heating element. These sounds are not alerting you to an unavoidable disaster. With this in mind, if your current water heater happens to be fifteen years old or older, it’s probably the time to invest in a new one. With the latest designs, flushing sediments out is a breeze. Be sure to call a plumber to do this.

Flushable Wipes

flushable wipes and plumbing problemsAnother thing that you’ve probably heard is that flushing disposable wipes is safe. This is not the case! These so-called flushable wipes are responsible for countless backups each year. They aren’t made completely of paper and thus, unlike toilet paper, these wipes are not entirely biodegradable.

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Leaky Faucets

Maybe you’re one of the numerous homeowners who think that leaky faucets are not worth worrying about. Hold on a minute? Take a second to consider this – you’re always paying for water that you never get to use. Even if just a few drops are being wasted each second, this is the same as throwing your money right down the drain. This is an issue that should be dealt with right now! Call a plumber to schedule an appointment.


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