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Troubleshooting Tips For A Faulty Furnace

image of furnace repair services Raritan NJThe only time many homeowners think about their furnace is when it breaks down. Inevitably, heaters always break down in winter months. There are several reasons why furnaces break down or cease to work efficiently. It isn’t wise to try to repair your own heating system, but there are several simple routine maintenance tasks you could do in the event of a breakdown. Read these handy troubleshooting tips before contacting a qualified HVAC professional.

Examine The Furnace Filter

Lots of us forget to check the HVAC filter. This is a common problem, however, it’s so easy to forget to change or clean the filters, because out of sight generally means out of mind. A dirty furnace filter can cause damage to the system or make the heating and cooling unit work far less effectively and efficiently. Look at the filter every four weeks and change it if necessary. Contact the manufacturer if you don’t know how to change the dirty filter. Consider asking your local HVAC technician to teach you how to change the HVAC filter.

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Check The Furnace Thermostat

The thermostat is often the last place we check, when it should be the first. Yet it is simple to change the thermostat settings. Your thermostat will run off of a battery or be wired into the home electrical system, so check that the system has power. Turn the thermostat off and turn it on again to make sure it is set to heat. Listen as you turn the knob, you will hear if the furnace starts-up. Locate the fan and set it to auto. Set the temperature high to keep the heating on throughout the troubleshooting exercise.

Check The Flow

So, your furnace is working, but your home is cold. Good news, the heater may not be faulty. Check the heating registers are open in every room. Dusty or dirty registers should be cleaned using a vacuum brush attachment or a cloth. Place your hands in front of the vents to check the air flow. The warm air should flow freely, as long as you have no furniture in front of them. Locate the intake register (this is the furnace vent that draws air inwards). Ensure the intake register is clean. You may think the apparatus is not working properly if your home always seems drafty, but poor insulation can make your house feel cold. Consider covering drafty doors and winterizing windows. Schedule an annual furnace service to ensure the system works efficiently throughout the winter.

Check The Power

If the thermostat screen is blank or there is no heat you should check the power. Ensure the power switch is on and turn it off and back on again to double check. Locate the main electrical panel and check the furnace circuit breaker to ensure no fuses have blown. Switch the electrical panel off and turn it back on again to reset the circuit breaker. Contact an electrician if the breaker blows. The professional will check for a short in the system.

What do you do if your furnace still doesn’t work? Call an experienced HVAC technician to diagnose the furnace and to carry out necessary repairs.


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If your furnace refuses to function properly you must deal with the problem immediately. Minor faults are easy to repair, but a major fault could be costly to put right. Contact a professional HVAC company and ask an engineer for further advice, only he or she will be qualified to diagnose and repair problems.

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