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Is Your Heater Repair Service Living Up To Your Standards?

furnace blowing cold airWhether you need your furnace repaired, a heater tune-up or a new heating system installed, look no further than Skylands Energy. You will be impressed with our fast and affordable furnace repair services. Our HVAC technicians are highly experienced and have the required certifications to fix your furnace. We also offer free estimates and free second opinions to our valued customers. We service Edison NJ and the surrounding areas.

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Why Your Furnace Blows Cold Air

If your furnace malfunctions, it can be a frustrating experience, primarily when it occurs in the middle of winter.

Many warning signs may indicate that you have a problem with your heater, such as when it blows out cold air instead of warm air. Below are some of the most common reasons that may cause a furnace to do this so that you can try to figure it out when you are furnace troubleshooting.

Malfunctioning Pilot Light Or Flame Sensor

heating system repair serviceMost modern furnaces use an electric ignition system. However, if you have an older heater, it may use a pilot light ignition system instead. If the pilot light malfunctions, this could cause the furnace to blow out cold air. For those with old heaters, you should ensure that the pilot light is always working correctly. If it keeps going out, this could indicate a more significant problem. In this case, you will need a professional technician to inspect the furnace, clean the heating system, and carry out any necessary repairs.

Electric ignition systems use a flame sensor to heat the air. If the flame sensor is dirty or broken, the furnace will blow out cold air. If this happens, you should call a furnace repair near my location to inspect the heating system and identify any problems that need a repair.

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Damaged Ductwork

Old or damaged ducts will allow air to escape, which will prevent it from getting to the necessary spaces.

According to the Department of Energy, a home can lose as much as 30% of its conditioned air due to defective ducts. If your ducts are old, hire an HVAC technician to inspect them. Ducts usually are hidden behind walls, under floors or in ceilings, making them difficult to examine yourself. A healthy duct system promotes energy efficiency and reduced heating costs.

Clogged Vent Pipes

The vent pipes of many high-efficiency furnaces usually are located outdoors, which can cause them to accumulate debris, such as ice and snow, over time. This debris can cause them to become clogged, and if this happens, the heater will shut down or start blowing out cold air.

Thermostat Setting

thermostatIt’s essential to ensure that the blower on your furnace is not running continuously…

which can happen if you set the thermostat fan setting to “on.” Eventually, the furnace will start to blow out cold air, even when it is not working. You can avoid this problem by switching the thermostat fan setting to “auto.” This setting ensures that the furnace blower only works when your heating system is turned on. You should also check that the batteries in the thermostat do not need a replacement.


If your furnace overheats, there is a safety feature, “the limit switch,” which automatically turns the burners off. This feature allows the heating system to cool down to a safe temperature, but it will eventually start to blow out cold air. A dirty air filter in the furnace often causes this problem. To avoid this issue, replace the air filter regularly. Remember, also, that a dirty filter will cause your heater to work harder than necessary, which increases your energy costs. By replacing the air filter when it becomes dirty, you will protect your furnace, ensure that the heater runs well while paying less on your home heating costs.

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Best Furnace Repair Edison NJ

As shown here, there are many reasons why your furnace will blow out cold air instead of hot air, including overheating, clogged vent pipes, leaky ducts and improper thermostat settings.

To keep your heater in good working condition…

you need to hire a qualified HVAC technician to inspect, clean and repair your heating system regularly. With routine inspections, a skilled technician can identify potential problems at an early stage, which prevents you from having to pay for expensive repairs later on.

You should always ensure that you hire the best possible furnace repair near me. For quality service, contact Skylands Energy. Our expert technicians can inspect your furnace properly and diagnose the reasons why it may not be producing hot air.

They will also provide you with the necessary information and discuss your repair options so that you can make the right decision for your individual needs.

Don’t take the risk of dealing with a malfunctioning heating system during the cold season. Act now by getting an assessment for your furnace and avoid an emergency heating repair service. Make sure that you select the best furnace repair service with a good reputation and plenty of experience. For the best HVAC service, contact Skylands Energy today. You will enjoy our superior services and affordable furnace repair cost.

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